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Study Aids for Toni Morrison's Jazz

Professor Jay Clayton
Fall, 1996 - MWF 9:10-10:00
Calhoun 109

Chronology of Toni Morrison's Jazz

1855  Vera Louise Gray, pregnant, moves to Baltimore; True Belle, slave, goes with Vera Louise; leaves behind two children, May (age 10) and Rose (age 8) (142)

1873  Aug.: Golden Gray meets Wild, pregnant w/ Joe (144); Joe Trace born, Vesper Co., VA (123); raised by           Rhoda and Frank Williams (123); taught to track by Henry Lestory (Hunters Hunter)

1870-90s  successive waves of northern migration (33)

1876  Violet Trace born (138)

1886  Vienna burned; Joe and Victory wander (174)

1888  Rose Dear loses her house, land, and goods (98, 138); Rocky Mount hangings; Sept.: True Belle returns a           free woman to Vesper (138)

1892  Rose Dear's suicide

1893  Joe hunts for his mother, Wild (175-78, cf. 36); marries Violet

1899  True Belle dies (138)

1901  Booker T. Washington eats at the White House; Joe and Violet evicted from land Joe bought (126)

1906  Joe and Violet take the train to NYC (107)

1917  riots in East St. Louis; Dorcas's parents murdered (57); July: march in NYC (54, 57, 128)

1919  Feb.: Armistice Day parade (129)

1925  Oct.: Joe meets Dorcas (68)

1926  Jan. 1: Joe shoots Dorcas (180); Jan. 3: Dorcas's funeral (9); March: Violet visits Alice Manfred.

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