Why the fascination today with nineteenth-century culture?  From Merchant/Ivory films to Masterpiece Theater, from Jane Austen as Hollywood's hottest property to Charles Dickens Christmas celebrations, from A. S. Byatt's neo-Victorian novels to the commercialization of Victoriana--nostalgic trips back to the prior century are a major growth industry in the 1990s.

In this course we will read six important nineteenth-century novels against the backdrop of today's revival of "Victoriana."  Films, web-based research sites, and cultural studies articles will be used to set the contemporary context for the literature of the prior century.  Today's popular misappropriations of the past have much to teach us--both about the real nature of the nineteenth century and about ourselves.



(A few copies of these books are available at the VU Bookstore trade department, Tower Books, Davis Kidd, or Bookstar.  You may order the books shipped direct to you from Amazon.Com, using the links provided below.  Amazon books are generally discounted in price.)



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