Hypertext: Reading and Writing Online


Spring, 2001
Vanderbilt University


 Week 3 (Due Thursday, Jan. 25) - First paper.




Week 4 (Due Tuesday, February 6)

  1. Introduction. This lexia must serve both as Introduction and Conclusion to your hypertext, so it should be sufficiently provocative as to intrigue readers on their initial encounter and to have additional resonance for readers when they return to it at the end.
  2. Worst [Blog or WebCam]. You should give the URL and introduce the site with some intriguing hook.
  3. Explain what's so awful about the site.
  4. Reflections on what this awful site has made you think about some larger issue, such as writing on the web, popular culture, the poor dope who composed the site, etc.
  5. Best [Blog or WebCam]
  6. Explain what is good about the site.
  7. Ideas for improving it even more.
  8. Reflections. End by providing a link back to the first lexia.

(2) Write a hypertext critique of The Matrix. Organize your paper as a cycle of 8 lexias, which will begin and end at the same point. Ideas for lexias:

  1. Begin with a provocative scene, motif, or even line from the movie. Simply capture the scene dramatically. Do not try to say anything critical about it.
  2. Interpret the scene, saying what you think makes it interesting, disturbing, etc. You should try to do a close reading of this moment in the movie.
  3. Jump to another scene that you think is connected to the first one, either as a development of some idea or dramatic element in the first or as its opposite. Say a bit about how it is related to the first scene but spend most of the lexia simply describing it.
  4. Analyze this second scene.
  5. Jump to a third scene, which should work to conclude the line of argument you are implicitly developing in three stages. Again, indicate how it is related to the first three but spend most of the lexia capturing the scene for your readers
  6. Analyze your third scene. Keep your interpretation close to the details of the scene. Resist the temptation to reveal your hand about what you think the entire series of three means.
  7. Reflections on what this series of scenes from the movie has made you think about some larger issue, such as movies in society, violence, gender roles, drugs, music--in short, whatever ideas or concerns that the series has served to illustrate. End with a link back to your first lexia.



Week 5 (Due February 13)

Jay Clayton
Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt English