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1. Syllabus 2006 pdf

2. Class Pack 2006 pdf

3. Huckel: methyl, ethene, allyl, butadiene and UV ppt

4. Recap of Chapter 14 pdf

5. Nitration of Benzene ppt

6. MeO- + MeCl ppt

7. Exam 1 answer key pdf

8. Ketones and Aldehyde Rxns pdf

9. Practice test answer keys:

test 1 answer key pdf

test 2 answer key pdf

test 3 answer key pdf

test 4 answer key pdf

10. Test 2 answer key pdf

11. Test 3 answer key pdf

12. Test 4 answer key pdf

13. Summary of test statistic pdf


Vanderbilt has purchased a site license for Chem Office. This is a chemical drawing and computational software which you may find very useful in CHEM 220B and other classes related to organic chemistry. Here the link


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January, 2006