Past Members of OMRG

Dr. Krzysztof Czuprynski, Visiting Professor, 1997. Research Professor, Military Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. In 2003 promoted to full professor and appoited Dean of Wydzial Inzynierii, Chemii i Fizyki Technicznej, WAT.
Jianping Huang, M.S. May '95, Research Scientist at Nexstar, CO in 1996.
Kerim A. Bairamov, M.S. May '97.
Dr. Mahesh K. Patel, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1994-1995.
Dr. Dariusz Lipiak, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1994.
Gregory S. Jenkins, Undergraduate Intern from MTSU, Summer 1994
Dr. George Radziszewski, Research Professor, 1994. Research Scientist at NREL, Golden, CO.
Krzysztof C. Kwatkowski, Summer Student, 1995. Completed his Ph.D. degree in 1999 in Inorganic Chemistry.
Dr. Jadwiga E. Laska, Postdoctoral Fellow: 1995-1996. Faculty member of AGH, Krakow, Poland. In 2004, Jadwiga obtain her Habilitaion at AGH.
J. David Sadler, Undergraduate Researcher, 1995-1996. Currently at Hoffman-LaRoche.
Erik Brady, Summer Student, 1996.
Sharat Kasuma, Undergraduate Researcher, 1996-1997. Medical Student at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. In the academic year 2000/2001 will study twards bis BA degree.
Dr. Zbynek Janousek, Visiting Professor from The Czech Academy of Sciences, Fall 1996, Fall 1998.
Xuan Sun, Undergraduate Researcher, 1996-1997.
Wolfgang Fendrich, Visiting Student from V. Vill group at Hamburg University, 1997-1998.

Michelle Mierzwa, Undergraduate and Graduate Researcher, 1995-1997. Graduate Student in Biochemistry at Vanderbilt University.

Ryan Nunley, Undergraduate Researcher, 1995-1997.

Andy Wenger, Undergraduate Researcher, 1997.

Huiyong Yin, Research Assistant 1997-1998. In 2002 Huiyong completed his Ph.D. degree at VU and began an appoitment at PRB VU.
Birgit Both, Visiting Student from V. Vill group at Hamburg University and Summer Student in 1998. In 2004 Birgit completed her Ph.D. degree at VU.
Dr. Andrew G. Douglass, Postdoctoral Fellow 1996-1998. Moved to Novartis.

Dr. Fengli Guo, Postdoctoral fellow, 1997-1998.
Andrew O. Zurick, Undergraduate Researcher, Spring 1998; since 1999 at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Crystal Geilrath, Undergraduate Researcher, Spring 1999; will begin a dental school in the Fall 1999.
Virginia McKenzie, Undergraduate Researcher, Fall 1998-Spring 1999; will graduate in Dec 1999.
Dr. Gary Stevenson, Postdoctoral fellow on leave from MTSU, Spring 1999.
James Harvey, M.S. thesis 2001. He completed his Medical School in Florida.
John Farrar, In the Fall of 1999 he joined the faculty at St Francis University at Fort Wayne, IN. He moved to Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne in 2002.
Jessica Douglas, High school summer student, MTSU Freshman starting Fall 1999.
Kris McNeil, 1999 summer student; Senior at Tennessee Tech at Cookville.

Dr. Serhii Pakhomov, Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-2001, currently in Department of Chemistry, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Vladimir Benin, Postdoctoral fellow 1997-1998; Assistant Professor at Bilkent University, Ankara Tureky (1998-1999). Postdoctoral Fellow 1999-2001. Currently an Assistant Professor at Dayton University, OH;

Dr. Wiktor Piecek NATO Fellow 2000-2001on leave from Military Technical University in Warsaw Poland. Email:
Piotr Potaczek visiting student from Wroclaw Polytechnic, Summer 2002
Karol Osajda visiting student from Wroclaw Polytechnic, Summer 2002
Krystyna K. Kulikiewicz visiting graduate student from Lodz University, Feb-Nov 2002.
Jason T. Manka MS thesis August 2003. He accepted a Medicinal Chemist position at Roche Palo Alto, CA. Email:
Dr. Adam Januszko In August 2003 returned to active duty in Polish Army in the rank of a major. He retired from the army in May 2004 and retured to our research group at Vanderbilt.
Brandon Rodriguez, in the Fall of 2003 Brandon, a Junior at VU, worked on benzothiaziazines.
Kaushik Patel, in May 2004 moved to California.
Will Tilford, after 3 successful years at OMRG, in June 2004 Will began Graduate School at University of South Carolina
Dr. Andy Franken, left for Europe in June 2004
Dr. Oleg Kadkin, after 3 successful years of work on our joint project with DuPont, Oleg left in June 2004 and returned to Kazan.
Dr. Bldur Stulgies , after 2 years of work on tricyclohexane skeleton, Baldur left in August 2004 and returned to Europe.
Monika Sienkowska, in December 2004 Monika joined the group of Prof. Percec at U Penn as a postdoctoral fellow
Wendy Eccles, Email: wendy.k.eccles@Vanderbilt.Edu Completed MS degree in May 2005 and moved to San Diego.
Andrzej Balinski, Email: Completed his work in June 2005 and accepted a technical position in the Department.
Katarzyna Zienkiewicz, Email: . After 4.5 years working in on the DuPont project, Kasia moved to Chem. Eng. VU where she continues working on polyurethanes. (01/01/06)
Jakub Jakowiecki, After speding Fall 2006 in our group as a special Graduate Student, Kuba returned to Warsaw University where he obtained his Master Degree in June of 2008. In Fall 2008 he joined graduate program in University of Missouri at Columbia MO.
Marcin Jasinski, Email: . In 2007 Marcin spent 8 months in our group as an Exchanhge Visiotr. He returned to his home department at University of Lodz where he will defend his PhD theses in October of 2008.
Kristin L. Glab, Email: klg@MIT.EDU . Kristin spent 3 busy and very fruitful years in our group as an undergrauate researcher. In August of 2007 she started graduate school at MIT and joned the group of Prof. Swager.

Adam Januszko, Email: After very productive 4.5 years at OMRG Adam returned to Wroclaw and his home institution in August 2008.He is currently working on his habilitation.

Emilka Obijalska Email: In 2008 Emilka was a visiting Graduate Student from University of Lodz. She spent 6 very productive months working on 4 projects.

Bryan Ringstrand, Email: BRingstrand@anl.govOn MArch 28 2011 Bryan started his postdoctoral appointment at Argonne NL.

Lillian Johnson Email: lillian.e.johnson@Vanderbilt.Edu, Graduated in May 2011 and started VU Medical School.

Rich Denicola Email: richard.p.denicola@Vanderbilt.Edu Graduated in May 2011 and started VU Medical School.

Harrison M. Gray Email:, in Fall 2011 transfered to another school.

Kristinein Mason Email:

Ajan Sivaramamoorthy Email:

Min-yan Zheng Email: minyan.zheng@Vanderbilt.Edu




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