OMRG Instruments


a Beowulf cluster of 16 processors running Linda-Gaussian 98.

Power Indigo2 SGI Workstation with Cerius2 graphic interface.

Liquid Crystal Characterization Lab

Thermal Analysis 2920
Standard Differential Scanning Calorimeter running between -160 degC to 600 degC.

Provides parameters of mechanical and dielectric properties for Ferroelectric and Nematic Liquid Crystals. Customized to measure the dipole moment and interfaced with an INSTEC HCS-250i. Will be interfaced with an optical probe.

Instec HCS-250i
A computer controlled hot and cold stage with a temperature range of -20 to 250 degC capable of maintaining +/- 0.1 degC accuracy.

Polarizing Microscope
Biolar (PZO) microscope equipped with a color video camera and attached VSR and monitor.

LiqCrys 4.2 Database
Volkmar Vill's database

Leice Abbe II Refractometer
birefringence measurements

Magnetic Materials Characterization Lab

ESR Bruker 300
Our magnetic characterization lab is located in Olin Hall. We have a Bruker ESP 300E EPR with X and Q-band capabilities. The 15 magnet has an 82 mm air gap. It is also equipped with a variable temperature attachment to run experiments in the range of -177 ûC to 1000 ûC. Several types of caveties allow us to run dual sample and photochemical (arc Xe lamp) experiments.

Faraday Balance
Our Faraday balance magnetometer with a maximum field strength of 1.36 T.

Preparative High-Vacuum Line

Dry Box
2 person standard dry box from Atmospheric Research


Hall aparatus


Waters HPLC


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October 5, 1998