Random Photos of the group

11.30.12 -  Group photo with rotation students (November 2012). ( Back Row Left to Right ) Katie Leaptrot, James Poland, Cody Goodwin, Jay Forsythe, and Rafael Montenegro( Front Row Left to Right ) Sarah Stow, Nichole Lareau, Kelly Hines, Dr. Jody May, Dr. John McLean, and Allison Galassie.

5.24.12 -  A picture of the group members who went to ASMS Annual Conference in Vancouver. ( Back Row Left to Right ) Dr. John Mclean, Dr. Jeff Enders, Jay Forsythe ( Front Row Left to Right ) Dr. Jody May, Kelly Hines, Nichole Lareau, Sarah Stow.

5.20.09 -  A defective plate holder stirs up a team effort to recover the fallen plate in the MALDI source and subsequently return the instrument to its original condition. (Clockwise starting from top) Andrzej Balinski, Cody Goodwin, Michal Kliman, and (front) Stephen Jackson.

6.4.09 -  (Top) - Group photo at one of the hospitality suites. (2nd row left) - Dr. McLean and John Fenn congratulate Larissa on a successful oral presentation. (2nd row right) - Kellen and Randi buddy-up with Fred McLafferty. (3rd row left) - Kellen giving the poster rundown to an interested viewer. (3rd row right) - Jeff manning his poster. (Bottom) - Randi at the ready.

6.24.09 - Group photo with summer rotation undergraduate students, taken in front of the chemistry office. (Front row from left to right) Randi Gant-Branum, Niki Arinze, Professor John McLean, Briana Baxter, Larissa Fenn. (Second row from left to right) Jamie Hutton, Sevugarajan Sundarapandian, Josh Kerr, Peter DelNero. (Back row from left to right) Cody Goodwin, Jeff Enders. Photograph taken by Steve Green.

6.24.09 - Photo op taken in front of the micro mirror array setup. Photograph taken by Steve Green.

6.29.09 - "Bat Out of Hell"

10.2.09 - Cody attempts to recover a poster tube he so clumsily dropped behind the wall using nothing more than a pole and some duct tape.

3.26.10 - Cody and Jody lend a hand with installation of the new Synapt G2.

4.9.10 - Group photo outside of Stevenson Center during the party celebrating Larissa's successful defense. (Front row from left to right) Michal Kliman, Jody May, Jeff Enders, Sevugarajan Sundarapandian, Seth Byers, Jay Forsythe, Josh Kerr. (Back row from left to right) Professor John McLean, Kelly Hines, Dr. Larissa S. Fenn, Cody Goodwin.