Randi Gant-Branum

Graduate Student

Photo of Randi randi.l.gant@vanderbilt.edu

UT Chattanooga - B.S. in Chemistry

Randi grew up as a military brat and claims "Everywhere, USA" as her hometown. She completed undergraduate dissertation research in DNA degradation under the direction of Dr. Manuel F. Santiago and Dr. Gail Meyer for two years and authored two undergraduate publications. She graduated with Departmental and University Honors/BS in Chemistry from UT Chattanooga in 2006. She was privileged to join the McLean lab in 2007 and is currently working on developing comprehensive strategies for structural separation, quantitation, and localization of peptide and protein PTMs using IM-MS.

When not in the lab, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, two dogs, three cats, and fetal first child (due in December).

  • 2009 Scientists in the Classroom Partnership (SCP) Science Teaching Fellow (STF) Award
  • 2010 Scientists in the Classroom Partnership (SCP) Science Volunteer through the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach
  • Randi L. Gant-Branum, Thomas J. Kerr, and John A. McLean, "Labeling Strategies in Mass Spectrometry-Based Protein Quantitation", Analyst 2009, 134, 1525 - 1530.
  • Randi L. Gant-Branum, Joshua A. Broussard, and John A. McLean, "Identification of Phosphorylation Sites within the Signaling Adaptor APPL1 by Mass Spectrometry." J. Proteome Res., 2010, 9 (3), 1541–1548
  • Randi L. Gant-Branum, Thomas J. Kerr, and John A. McLean. "Relative Quantitation of Phosphorylated Peptides and Proteins using Phosphopeptide Element-Coded Affinity Tagging (PhECAT)." Submitted to Analytical Chemistry
  • Thomas J. Kerr, Randi L. Gant-Branum, and John A. McLean. "Multiplexed Relative Quantitation of Peptide Functionality Using Lanthanide-based Structural Shift Reagents." In preparation for an invited submission to International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.