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Mercer University - B.S. in Chemistry

Larissa received her BS in chemistry from Mercer University.

  • 2009 Society for Applied Spectroscopy Graduate Student Award
  • 2009 Vanderbilt University Graduate School Dissertation Enhancement Grant for travel to Germany to study in the lab of Dr. J. Sabine Becker at the Research Centre Juelich
  • 2008 35th Annual Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Conference (FACSS) Poster Award
  • 2008 Society for Applied Spectroscopy Piedmont Section Award for Travel to FACSS meeting in Reno, NV
  • 2008 Vanderbilt Institute for Chemical Biology Annual Retreat Poster Award
  • 2008 Nomination by Nashville Chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) for National Scholar Award
  • Larissa S. Fenn and John A. McLean, “Differentiation of carbohydrate structural isomers using MALDI-Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry”, in preparation for submission to Analytical Chemistry
  • Larissa S. Fenn, Brian O. Bachmann, and John A. McLean, “Exploring conformation space for cyclic peptide natural products using ion mobility-mass spectrometry”,communication in preparation for submission to Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Larissa S. Fenn and John A. McLean, “Simultaneous glycoproteomic strategies utilizing ion mobility-mass spectrometry”, Molecular Biosystems 2009, 5, 1298-1302.
  • John A. McLean, Larissa S. Fenn, and Jeffrey R. Enders, “Structurally Selective Imaging Mass Spectrometry by Imaging Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry”, to be included in Mass Spectrometric Imaging: History, Fundamentals and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Jonathan Sweedler and Stanislav Rubakhin, eds.
  • Larissa S. Fenn, Michal Kliman, Ablatt Mahsut, Sophie R. Zhao, and John A. McLean, “Characterizing Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Conformation Space for the Analysis of Complex Biological Samples”, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2009, 394, 235-244.
  • Larissa S. Fenn and John A. McLean, “Enhanced carbohydrate structural selectivity by boronic acid derivitization and ion mobility-mass spectrometry analysis”, Chemical Communications 2008, 5505-5507.
  • Larissa S. Fenn and John A. McLean, “Biomolecular Structural Separations by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: New Prospects for Systems Biology”, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2008, 391, 905-909.
  • LaKedra S. Pam, Larissa L. Spell, and James T. Kindt, “Simulation and theory of flexible equilibrium polymers under poor solvent conditions”, The Journal of Chemical Physics 2007, 126, 134906.