Josh Kerr

Graduate Student

Photo of Josh

Wofford University - B.S. in Chemistry

Josh received a B.S. in chemistry from Wofford College in upstate South Carolina. While at Wofford, he performed undergraduate research on the kinetics of the reaction of butadiene with ozone under the direction of Dr. Caleb Arrington. After graduation in 2006 he joined the McLean lab and is working on protein/peptide quantitation using lanthanide-based labels as ion mobility MS shift reagents. Upon completion of his PhD, he plans to work in either industry or a government lab setting.

  •   Gant-Branum R.L., Kerr T.J, McLean J.A. Labeling Strategies in Mass Spectrometry-Based Protein Quantitation. Analyst. 2009, 134(8):1525-1530.