Jaqueline Picache

Graduate Student

Photo of David jaqueline.picache@vanderbilt.edu
Notre Dame University - B.S. in Chemistry

Jackie hails from Fort Lee, NJ where she began her research career at the Columbia University Medical Center under Dr. Wesley Gruber. Specifically, she investigated how phosphorylated nucleotides affect dendritic targeting in musculoskeletal tissue from 2008-2011. From there, Jackie attended the University of Notre Dame where she worked under Dr. Holly Goodson to study how the cell cytoskeleton, particular the tubulin network, was altered in colorectal cancer cells. During this tenure, Jackie also did clinical research on the rare disease Niemann-Pick Type C under Dr. Kasturi Haldar. Upon graduation in May 2014, Jackie continued studying rare diseases during an Intramural Research Training Award Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. Working under Dr. Forbes D. Porter and Dr. Alfred Yergey, Jackie developed a high throughput drug screen using laser diode/thermal desorption mass spectrometry (LDTD-MS) as applied to the rare disease Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome. Jackie joined the McLean lab in January 2017 and is developing a high content, high throughput phenotypic profiling assay for in vitro/vivo systems utilizing fluorescent microscopy and high resolution mass spectrometry.