Thank you for your thoughtful questions.

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Q: Concerning our final exam, will it be more focused on the most recent material, or should we expect an even distribution of all material that we have covered. Thank you.

A: A more or less equal distributed over the emtire semester.

Q: What should we take away from the discussion of ACE inhibitors and their libraries? Should we know the propable mechanisms and the different resultant points of diversity?

A: You don't need to know anything about a specific library, i.e., such as their exact synthesis, except a peptide library because we already know howto synthesize peptides. The concept of points of diversity is important. Concerning the ACE, you should know that ACE is a protease and how it cleaves peptides and how a potential inhiitor works.

Q: Could you suggest a reference book on amino acid and peptide chemistry?

A: The following are excellent references books for peptide chemistry:

"Peptide Chemistry. A Practical Textbook", 2nd ed., Miklos Bodanszky, Springer-Verlarg, Berlin, 1993.
 "Principles of Peptide Synthesis," 2nd ed., Miklos Bodanszky, Springer-Verlarg, Berlin, 1993.