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Slone J, Daniels J, Amrein H (2007) Sugar Receptors in Drosophila.  Current Biology. 17(20): p. 1809-16.

Coveney D, Ross AJ, Slone JD, Capel, B (2007) A microarray analysis of the XX Wnt4 mutant gonad targeted at the identification of genes involved in testis vascular differentiation.  Gene Expression Patterns. 7(1-2):82-92.


2004-2009Ph.D                          Duke University

       University Program in Genetics and Genomics

Advisor: Hubert Amrein

Thesis Title: “Analysis of the Drosophila Sugar Receptor Genes”

2000-2004B.S.                  Ohio State University

Major: Molecular Genetics

Minor: French Magna Cum Laude, With Distinction

Contact Information:

Dept. of Biological Sciences
6270 Medical Research Building III
Vanderbilt University
465 21st Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37232


Research Interests:

I am studying the olfactory receptor (Or) gene family in a pair of ant species: Harpegnathos saltator and Camponotus floridanus.  Ants exhibit highly complex social behaviors that are regulated, to a great extent, by cuticular hydrocarbons and other chemical signals expressed by the various castes within the colony.  My goal is to use the heterologous Xenopus oocyte system to determine which ORs are used to detect particular biologically and behaviorally relevant semiochemicals, and to use this knowledge to further our understanding of ant chemical ecology.