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Woman to Woman

We are a diverse community of women who commit to gather and give voice to the re-imagination of the relationship between creativity and the ways women lead.

This year's leadership theme is Storytelling. How do reflecting upon, framing and learning to articulate our stories contribute to the ways we approach one another and our world? 

Woman to Woman seeks to increase leadership capacity, foster the development of small group relationships, encounter diversity, and to enjoy honest conversation. We will focus on three main components of storytelling this year: self-awarness, new community, and power and leadership. Through exploring these components of storytelling this year,  we will consider the importance of connection to self and others, and the unity of identity and reflective action in great leadership. Check out our current newsletter to see what we're up to! 

Registration and information for the 2015–2016 Circle will be available soon!

Woman to Woman is the collaborative project of the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions and Scarritt-Bennett Center.

Woman to Woman is in full swing with our 2015–2016 year. To stay in touch or inquire about future participation, please follow us on Facebook, or contact Michelle Bukowski for more information.