Deep Mapping Workshop

Deep Mapping the Reducción:

Toward a Historical GIS of the General Resettlement of Indians in the Viceroyalty of Peru

A Workshop Hosted by Vanderbilt University

November 7-9, 2013

Thursday, Nov. 7        Location: Central Library, Room 211 (e-classroom) | Map

9:00-9:30                         Coffee and pastries

9:30-10:45                     Project Overview

9:30-9:55                         Welcome Remarks and Project Overview (Steve Wernke)

9:55-10:10                       Discussion

10:10-10:30                     Current Research Landscape on Reducciones (Akira Saito)

10:30-10:45                     Discussion

10:45-12:15                   Global Views

10:45-11:05                     The Qhapaq Ñan Project: Recording and Studying Inka Roads in Peru (Giancarlo Marcone)

11:05-11:20                     Discussion

11:20-11:40                     Coffee break

11:40-12:00                     Tabulating and Finding the Reducciones (Jeremy Mumford)

12:00-12:15                     Discussion

12:15-1:30                     Lunch (catered)

1:30-2:05                       Archaeological Approaches and Datasets

1:30-1:50                         Regional Approaches to Reducción in Northern Peru: Examples from the Zaña and Chamán Valleys (Parker VanValkenburgh)

1:50-2:05                         Discussion

2:05-3:05                       Ethnohistory | Ethnography: Data Domains, Sources, & Types

2:05-2:25                         North Coast/Highlands (Alejandro Diez, Jeffrey Quilter, Parker VanValkenburgh)

2:25-2:45                         Central Coast/Highlands (Alejandro Diez, Akira Saito, Jeremy Mumford)

2:45-3:05                         South Coast/Highlands (Felix Palacios, Akira Saito, Abel Traslaviña, Steve Wernke)

3:05-3:20                         Coffee Break

3:20-4:25                       Technical Aspects: Informatics | Database | Interface

3:20-3:40                         Informatics & Database Models (Douglas Fisher)

3:40-3:55                         Discussion

3:55-4:10                         Interface Issues (Julie Adams)

4:10-4:25                         Discussion

Thursday Evening

6:00-8:00                       Informal gathering at Jackalope Brewery (Website | Map).

Jackalope is the latest local microbrewery in Nashville.  There will be a food truck outside the brewpub (prices are reasonable) and you can take your food inside.  Stop by any time.  Brewery closes at 8:00.

Friday, Nov. 8                Location: Central Library, Room 211 (e-classroom) | Map

9:00-9:30                         Coffee and pastries

9:30-10:40                     Digital Humanities | Spatial Humanities

9:30-9:50                         John Corrigan

9:50-10:05                       Discussion

10:05-10:25                     Jane Landers

10:25-10:40                     Discussion

10:40-11:00                     Coffee break

11:00-12:00                     Open Session I: Project Models (open discussion and comparison with other digital humanities projects)

12:00-1:30                     Lunch (catered)

1:30-4:30                       Project Definition | Data and Publication Rights | Saito Proposal

1:30-2:30                         Open Session II: Project Definition

2:30-3:30                         Open Session III: Data and Publication Rights

3:30-3:45                         Coffee break

3:45-4:30                         Discussion of a project proposal by Akira Saito

Friday Evening

6:00-8:00                         Dinner at Silo Restaurant (Website | Map)

Vanderbilt hosts dinner at this Germantown farm-to-fork concept restaurant.

8:00-???                           Honky-Tonkin’ at Robert’s Western World (Website | Map)

Saturday, Nov. 9            Location: Garland Hall, Room 2A | Map

9:00-9:30                         Coffee and pastries

9:30-12:30                     Funding Strategy and Project Definition II

9:30-10:30                       Open Session IV: Granting Agencies and Programs

10:30-10:50                     Coffee break

10:50-12:30                     Open Session V: Project Definition II


Julie Adams                      (Vanderbilt University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

John Corrigan                   (Florida State University, Department of Religious Studies)

Alejandro Diez                  (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Anthropology)

Douglas Fisher                  (Vanderbilt University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Jane Landers                    (Vanderbilt University, Department of History)

Giancarlo Marcone            (Proyecto Especial Qhapaq Ñan, Ministerio de Cultura, Perú)

Jeremy Mumford               (Brown University, History)

Felix Palacios                    (Museo de la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín)

Jeffrey Quilter                   (Harvard University, Peabody Museum and Department of Anthropology)

Akira Saito                        (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

Parker VanValkenburgh     (University of Vermont, Department of Anthropology)

Steve Wernke                   (Vanderbilt University, Department of Anthropology)

Graduate Students

Carla Hernández               (Vanderbilt University, Anthropology)

Scotti Norman                   (Vanderbilt University, Anthropology)

Gabriela Oré                     (Vanderbilt University, Anthropology)

Abel Traslaviña                 (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Archaeology)

Brendan Weaver               (Vanderbilt University, Anthropology)


Traveling participants will be staying at the Hampton Inn Elliston Place, 2330 Elliston Place, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 (Map).  Phone: 1-615-320-6060.  Fax: 615-327-4723.

The hotel is located two blocks from the Vanderbilt campus. See map on last page.


This workshop is funded by a Collaborative Exploratory Grant from the Vanderbilt University International Office (Wernke, P.I.), with additional travel support provided by a Core Research Project of the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan. Special thanks to Scotti Norman for her organizational contributions.