ArcGIS 10 – first impressions

Vandy has the new ArcGIS 10 suite available and ready for install–thanks Jacob!  It seems this major revision was aimed at enhancing productivity by improving the GUI, and on that front, it is a huge improvement.  The program finally feels, looks, and acts like something written after the early 90s, and is more intuitive on many fronts.  The licensing system seems to have been much simplified as well, which was much needed (no more license manager nightmares?).  Integrating ArcCatalog within ArcMap seems like a step in the right direction.

Things I wish had been addressed: instead of the dumb editor toolbar to “open” an editing session, we should just be able to right click on any layer and select it for editing.  So we are still stuck trying to remember where each file is in a directory tree or geodatabase to edit it, etc.  Also, why hasn’t this mega-resource intensive suite been written for 64 bit?

But overall this is a huge improvement.

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