Our History


In the autumn of 1893, under the name of the Vanderbilt Ladies’ Literary and Musical Club, this group was formed. Original members included Mrs. W.M. Baskerville, Miss Florence Conwell, Mrs. A.R. Hohlfeld, Mrs. J.T. McGill, Mrs. A.H. Merrill, Mrs. E.A. Ruddiman, and Mrs. J.H. Stevenson. The local press noted the event in the following manner: “The campus of Vanderbilt breathes culture and refinement. Under the shade of the lovely foliage and shadow of the buildings of learning an ideal social life is led by the ladies whose tastes are shown in the club that they have established.” In 1896, the name was changed to the Vanderbilt Woman’s Club.

One hundred and twenty years later, membership is still strong with 300 faculty, staff, faculty spouses, and community members coming together in friendship, fellowship, and scholarship. During the academic year, social and educational programming fills out a calendar from September through May, with a myriad of interest group offshoots filling in the gaps.