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  Saturday, November 29, 2014 Compiled 1:30 AM CST  
 VU in the News 
 VU in the News

Popular Science: Deep-sea dwellers make a natural antibiotic
On hot vents deep underneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, there lives something unusual: a microorganism carrying a gene that, Vanderbilt geneticists have discovered, fights bacteria. Seth Bordenstein, associate professor of biological sciences, is quoted.

El Economista (Mexico): La inseguridad como problema latinoamericano
The latest AmericasBarometer data from Vanderbilt’s Latin American Public Opinion Project shows crime and violence to be the leading causes of insecurity in Latin America today.

Dallas Morning News: Texans hope for new life for bills as GOP takes over Senate
Before the recent congressional elections, Republicans hammered home the complaint that Senate Democrats had blocked nearly 400 bills approved by the GOP-run House, including more than two dozen authored by Texans. But even after Republicans take control of the Senate in January, it’s unclear whether the logjam will break. Bruce Oppenheimer, professor of political science, is quoted.

Texas Tribune: Panetti case highlights lack of sanity standard
The fact that Texas inmate Scott Panetti is facing a lethal injection despite a 30-year history of documented mental illness demonstrates that the ambiguities of the legal standard of mental “competency” are far from resolved. Christopher Slobogin, Milton R. Underwood Professor of Law, is quoted.

Al Jazeera America: Opinion: Power speaks from Ferguson
Colin Dayan
, Robert Penn Warren Professor of the Humanities, analyzes the Ferguson grand jury announcement and the response of officials and the public immediately following it.

Jewish Press: Helen Keller and the ‘Jewish’ seeing-eye dog
Helen Keller’s correspondence with Vanderbilt alumnus Morris Frank, who introduced guide dogs to the United States and founded the Seeing Eye, was just one example of her long involvement with the Jewish community.

PLOS Blogs: How many calories do you burn by laughing?
Research by Maciej Buchowski, research professor of medicine, finds that laughter burns about .19 calories per minute.

The Tennessean: Nashville protest started with a Facebook page
Teresa Pecinovsky, a Vanderbilt divinity student, created the Facebook page “Candlelight Vigil for Ferguson” that developed into a 450-person demonstration Tuesday night.

The Tennessean: Pulitzer winner David Maraniss to teach at Vanderbilt
David Maraniss will co-teach a course on political biography and a seminar on the Vietnam War.

Lebanon Democrat: Study reveals shared pathways in psychiatric disorders
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder share common genetic underpinnings, Zhongming Zhao, Ingram Associate Professor of Cancer Research and associate professor of biomedical informatics, has discovered.

Lebanon Democrat: Vanderbilt findings may hasten treatments for patients with obesity-related diabetes
A discovery by Research Associate Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology Lan Wu and Elizabeth and John Shapiro Professor of Medicine Luc Van Kaer brings us closer to understanding the link between obesity, chronic inflammation and type 2 diabetes.

 VU on the Air 
 VU on the Air

ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates aired a report featuring Thanksgiving food safety tips from Jessica Bennett, registered dietitian.

WKRN, Channel 2, and WSMV, Channel 4, interviewed Teresa Pecinovsky, a Vanderbilt divinity student whose Facebook page inspired the large Ferguson demonstration Tuesday night.

 VU Athletics 
 VU Athletics

Vandy or Vols? Couple makes light of split allegiance

5 keys for Vanderbilt against Tennessee

Vanderbilt basketball freshmen face first road trip

 Research News @ Vanderbilt 
 Research News @ Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt biologists contribute to major genetic study of malaria mosquitoes

 Higher Ed in the News 
 Higher Ed in the News

Time: You’ll never guess college students’ biggest regret
According to a study conducted by Citizens Financial Group, 77 percent of former college students age 40 and younger regret not doing a better job of planning how to manage their student loan debt.

Washington Post: U-Va.’s governing board votes for zero tolerance of sexual assault

The University of Virginia’s governing board unanimously approved a statement of “zero tolerance” of sexual assault Tuesday, less than a week after a magazine story detailed an alleged gang rape in 2012 at a university fraternity.

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