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  Thursday, December 18, 2014 Compiled 8:20 PM CST  
 VU in the News 
 VU in the News

Entertainment Weekly: ‘The Sing-Off’ recap: From six to one
Vanderbilt’s male a capella group, The Melodores, is the first collegiate team to win NBC’s The Sing-Off.

Kiplinger: Best College Values 2015
placed 15th on Kiplinger’s ranking of overall best college values, 6th among private universities and 3rd in the South.

Wired: The race to create Ebola treatments from survivors’ blood
Scientists waging war against Ebola are mining a cache of microscopic weapons hidden in Ebola survivors’ blood. James Crowe, Ann Scott Carell Professor and director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, is quoted.

National Law Journal: Law schools firing up marijuana law classes
Professor of Law Robert Mikos‘ marijuana law and policy seminar is one of a growing number of law school classes focused on marijuana.

RedOrbit: Microbes played a significant role in human evolution, study says
Human children remain dependent on their parents far longer than other animals, and elderly people live a comparably long time after their reproductive cycles have come to an end. What causes this unusual phenomenon? Glenn Webb, professor of mathematics at Vanderbilt, and Martin Blaser, a microbiologist at NYU, believe that a person’s microbiome, or the bacteria and other organisms making their home inside his or her body, could be the cause of these uniquely human traits.

RedOrbit: Scientists take step forward in “editing” human genetic mutations
In a new “proof of concept” experiment, scientists at Indiana University, Stanford and the University of Texas have managed to edit the genome of sperm-producing adult stem cells, creating a break in the DNA strands of a mutant gene in mouse cells then repairing it by replacing flawed segments with corrected ones. James West, associate professor of medicine, has conducted similar research and commented on the findings.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt gives tips for eco-friendly holidays
Vanderbilt experts ask Nashvillians to consider buying local this holiday season — not just to support the local economy, but to also help the environment. Andrea George, director of Vanderbilt’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Office, is quoted.

Nashville Scene: As students and parents opt out of their zoned schools, will the system entice them to find their way back?
The growing strain on resources, the widening demographic changes in Davidson County, the political turbulence behind the scenes and the number of parents and promising students who have left the Metro school system indicate a looming crisis in Nashville public education. Claire Smrekar, associate professor of public policy and education, is quoted.

Nashville Scene: Scene reviewers share some of their favorite books of 2014, from Kendra DeColo to Tony Earley
Contributor Stephen Trageser recommended Mr. Tall, by Tony Earley, Samuel Milton Fleming Professor of English.

Time: The long, sad tradition of college admissions mistakes
The painful mixup of acceptance and denial letters—sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands—has become a nearly annual rite of college admissions. In 2010, Vanderbilt mistakenly sent acceptance emails to 56 international applicants and corrected the mistake a few hours later.

 VU on the Air 
 VU on the Air

The NBC (national) broadcast of The Sing-Off featured Vanderbilt’s a capella group the Melodores, who won the competition.

KFOR (Oklahoma City, Okla.) interviewed senior Ted Moock of Oklahoma City, one of the Melodores who competed in Wednesday’s night’s NBC show The Sing-Off. Following the Melodores win, KFOR followed up with another interview with Ted.

WTVF, Channel 5, interviewed Claire Sisco King, assistant professor of communication studies, regarding the cyberhacking of Sony Pictures and the cancellation of the premiere of the movie The Interview due to terrorist threats.

WATN (Memphis) mentioned the Vanderbilt Poll in its story about Governor Haslam’s health plan options. Fifty-eight percent of those in the survey favored such a plan.

 VU Press Releases 
 VU Press Releases

Vanderbilt power plant is now coal-free

 Research News @ Vanderbilt 
 Research News @ Vanderbilt

Feminism in America: A televised revolution

 Higher Ed in the News 
 Higher Ed in the News

Huffington Post: Penn president criticized for joining protesters’ ‘die-in’
University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann has upset members of her own university police department over her joining a brief “die-in” demonstration with students.

New York Times: A steep slide in law school enrollment accelerates
Enrollment numbers of first-year law students have sunk to levels not seen since 1973, when there were 53 fewer law schools in the United States, according to the figures just released by the American Bar Association.

U.S. News and World Report: Report: Pay off student debt like Social Security
A report from the New America Foundation and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators says making income-based student loan payments should be more like paying Social Security taxes. If the payments were automatically withheld from borrowers’ paychecks, the payments would be calculated based on real-time earnings and would be automatically deducted without the need for additional paperwork.

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