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Spirit of Goldprospective students

Drumline Section: Spirit of Gold Marching Band


Audition Details:
For Snares and Tenors: There are a total of 6 different exercises. Memorize and prepare all 6. Practice every exercise at slow, moderate, and fast tempos and at various heights. For Accent Shift, play as written as well as with flams on the accents (flam taps at the end), tap drags, and tap fives.
In addition to the 6 exercises, prepare Dynomite and 1.5 to play during the audition process.
For Basses: Be prepared to play all 6 exercises. The unison exercises should be memorized (Eights, 5-7-10 Junk, Accent Shift, Double/Triple Beat, and the snare part to Triplet Rolls). For any split exercises (Eights, Triplet Rolls, VD Spree), focus on preparing parts for two or three different drums, but be aware that you could be placed on any of the drums. The splits will not need to be memorized until you have been assigned a drum. Be prepared to play the Eights split with 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, right hand 2’s, left hand 2’s, and 4’s. Practice every exercise at slow, moderate, and fast tempos, and at various heights.
In addition to the 6 exercises, prepare Dynomite and 1.5 to play during the audition process (once again, be ready to play several parts).
For Cymbals: Be able to perform basic cymbal techniques such as crashes, choked crashes, hihats, and fusions. Prepare as much of the music as possible, prioritizing Dynomite and 1.5.
For Front Ensemble: Music for the front ensemble will be provided at band camp, so no preparation is necessary. However, there will be a limited amount of spots in the front ensemble, so front ensemble prospects are strongly encouraged to choose a marching instrument to prepare for as well.
Additional Notes:

  1. For all sections, practice the rest of the pregame music, cadences, and stands grooves in addition to the material required for auditions. Band camp is very short, and you must be familiar with the music before band camp so it can be put together as quickly as possible. These pieces do not necessarily need to be memorized prior to band camp, but keep in mind that your level of preparation and commitment is a large factor in the audition process.
  2. Regarding Heights: The heights system used will be better defined at band camp, but in general 12” is slightly below vertical (horizontal for basses), 3” is parallel to the drumhead, and 6” and 9” are appropriately in between these heights. Accent/tap heights of 9/3 are generally used, but in some cases 12/3 or 12/6 will be used. For snare and tenor preparation purposes, use 9/3 generally and 12/3 for louder passages. For basses, use 12/3 for unison passages and 6-9 for splits (12/6 if splits contain accent/tap patterns).
  3. Regarding Technique: For tenors the hands should be German grip turned about 1/3 of the way towards French grip. For snares, the right hand should be the same as tenors and the left hand traditional. The stroke motion for snares and tenors is wrist turn. Fingers and some arm will be incorporated (rolls for example), but in general strive for wrist turn whenever possible. For basses, the set position is with forearms parallel to the ground and the mallets at a 45 degree angle above parallel. The stroke is achieved by rotating the forearm (not with wrist break), taking a straight line path to and from the head. Technique will be further detailed at band camp.
  4. Mark time while practicing. It is critical that your feet are in time, and you are able to play with your feet.
  5. For Triplet Rolls, snares, tenors, and basses play the exercise first as written, then repeat with accents on the dotted quarter note for sections A & B (play section C the same).
  6. The size of the line will be at most 8 snares, 5 tenors, 6 basses, and 8 cymbals.

If you have any questions (technique, music, etc.), email David DePriest or the section leader.
We strive to put out a viable product for each and every performance. This includes not only halftime but pre-game, the Star Walk, parades, standstills, any time you have a drum on and represent the Spirit of Gold Marching Band.
I expect each of you to have the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to show up on time, with ALL of your materials ready to practice and perform. Time is limited on how much sectional time we are allotted, so it is important to show up prepared. This also means PRACTICING at home so we can REHEARSE. The quicker each of you learn and memorize the parts, the quicker we can clean music and drill.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of you this fall. Practice, practice, practice...

David DePriest
Spirit of Gold Drumline Instructor

Section Leader: Ian Shaw

Drumline Audition Material (PDF)

Eights Score
5-7-10 Junk Score
Accent Shift Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Double/Triple Beat Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Triplet Rolls Score Snare Tenors Bass
VD Spree Score Snare Tenors Bass

Pregame Music:
Lady Bug Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Dynamite Fanfare Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Cheer For Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Dynomite Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Space Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Spirit of Gold  Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals

1.5 Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
DW Getting Jiggy Wit It Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Latin Dreams part II Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
King Tubby Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals

Stands Grooves:
Hot Wings Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
Let’s Go Bowling Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals
7-10 Split Score Snare Tenors Bass Cymbals