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International Services (OIS)
2525 West End Avenue
5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37235
(615) 343-9046 (office)

Other International Business Offices:
International Tax Office (ITO)
2525 West End Avenue
5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37235
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(615) 322-1173 (fax)

A Warm Welcome to our International Visitors & Employees!

In keeping with Vanderbilt's global mission to develop and maintain a dynamic, cross-cultural environment and serve as a center of active intercultural exchange, The Office of International Services (OIS) provides business, employment and family immigration to Vanderbilt's international employees and business visitors.

Our services ensure institutional compliance with US immigration regulations while serving as a resource for the Vanderbilt community. Whether you are an employee or visitor to our institution, our dedicated team of professionals looks forward to working with you.

We maintain a listserv open to all interested members of the Vanderbilt community. If you would like to be added to our listserv, send your request to

Announcement: New Telephonic Scam Targeting Foreign Nationals

International Services has received information on a new telephonic scam potentially victimizing foreign nationals in the United States. According to reports, the individual will receive a call purporting to be from a USCIS officer, who will have certain correct information on the individual, including the individual’s name and address. The caller will state that there is some discrepancy in USCIS records, and ask for confirmation of data, such as an I-94 number, an "A" number, or a visa control number. The caller will then tell the individual that there is a penalty for not clearing up the discrepancy, and that the individual is to send a sum of money via Western Union, to an address the caller provides. The individual is sometimes warned that deportation may occur if the funds are not received quickly.

With the current scam, the area code of the caller is 631 but as these scams change frequently the area code of the caller may be different. Immigration officers will never call you directly to obtain information. A letter will be sent to you (for personal filings) or to your employer (for employment based filings) instead. In addition, USCIS will not demand that you wire funds to clear up an immigration discrepancy or threaten deportation if the funds are not received.

If you receive such a call, it is extremely important that you DO NOT give out any personal information and/or send any money. Simply tell the caller you need to speak with your employer and ask for his/her name and call back number. You should definitely report the call to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, as instructed on USCIS' Report Immigration Scams webpage and especially to the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, whose Consumer Sentinel database is accessed by criminal and civil law enforcement authorities worldwide.