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Check Request Log

The Check Request Log ("CR Log") is updated each Monday, except on university holidays or closing.  The log contains no personal identifying information and requires the user to know the Check Request number.  Stipend information is limited if no identifying stipend number was provided (Cost Center numbers are not provided in the log to preserve confident business information).

CR Log - January 2012

CR Log - December 2011

CR Log - November 2011


Definitions Used in Log

CR # - check request number
Amount - payment amount requested on the check request form
Date In - date check request was received by VISIT
Date Out - date check request was forwarded for payment issuance
Resolution - where CR was sent or issues with CR.  The receiving office is responsible for providing payment so if the log shows that the CR paperwork was transferred, please follow up with the office indicated. 
BVQ Needed - a Business Visitor Questionnaire must be completed by the business visitor

Tax Docs Needed - an international tax record needs to be created or update; review VISIT e-mail

*if "Subject Participant Hold" is noted on the CR Log, VISIT will contact department administrator to discuss documentation necessary for payments to subject or research participants who are not US residents. We have created a sample intake form for subject and research participants and encourage departments to either use our form or incorporate the additional questions into their own forms. Our sample form can be found on our Forms webpage and is titled Subject Participation Form (Clinical Trial or Research Study).


Additional Information

If the CR Log shows that your check request has been forwarded, please contact the office that received the paperwork for additional information. VISIT has very limited information about the actual check issuance once the paperwork leaves our office. The receiving office is better suited to provide you with details about the check issuance itself. Contact information for each receiving office is below.

HR Processing

Medical Center Demand Check