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Announcements in 2012  


August 3, 2012:

Vanderbilt is one of the largest users of the H-1B visas program (in Middle Tennessee). The Tennessean newspaper recently interviewed You Chen, Sandor Nyako, Pietro Valdastri and Dahlia for an article about H-1B employment and transitioning to the USA. Click here to read the article.


February 13, 2012:


The annual tax filing season began in January 2012 but for international person who need a Form 1042-S, the tax filing season does not begin until the 1042-S is received.  All 1042-S forms must be mailed no later than March 15th and VISIT expects them to be available from our vendor shortly before this date.  An e-mail will be sent when the 1042-S is available.

All Vanderbilt employees, students, scholars with a nonimmigrant visa  who have earned income from U.S. sources during 2011 are required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file a federal income tax return.  As in previous years, VISIT has purchased the tax preparation software and it is available, free of charge, to all Vanderbilt employees, students, scholars and their immediate family members (spouses and minor children).  The tax preparation software that VISIT has purchase is called Foreign National Tax Resource (Windstar (FNTR)) and it is available at

A. Getting Your 1042-S :

If you requested electronic notification and copy of the 1042-S, you will receive an e-mail from VISIT stating that the 1042-S is now accessible by logging into your Windstar account.  You can print the 1042-S directly from your computer anytime you wish.  Persons who opted out of the electronic notification process, will receive a paper copy of the 1042-S.  We will mail the paper copy to the address you provided in our international tax database (Windstar) so please ensure your address information is correct.  If you have not received a 1042-S by March 10th, please contact VISIT immediately.  

B. Windstar (FNTR) Access & Tax Filing Reminders :

Windstar (FNTR) (Foreign National Tax Resource) is a web-based program used to prepare the following tax forms:

  • 1040NR
  • 1040NR-EZ
  • 8843

Windstar (FNTR) is easy to use.  All you need is your 1042-S and/or W-2 form and your immigration information.  After you answer a few simple questions Windstar (FNTR) will generate the appropriate tax document.  All you will need to do is print and mail the completed forms to the IRS along with the IRS copy of your W-2 or 1042-S.  In addition, Windstar (FNTR) provides online assistance as you go through the program. 

Please note that Tennessee does not have State income tax requirements.  However, most other States do, so if you earned income in another State other than Tennessee during 2011, you should contact your former employer or State tax office for information on that State's tax filing requirements.  Finally, please bear in mind that the Windstar (FNTR) program is available only to Vanderbilt employees, students, scholar and their immediate family members who need to file one of the three forms mentioned above.  It cannot be used by friends and family members who are not spouses or dependent children.   

Instructions on Windstar (FNTR) will be provided by direct e-mail to all persons who are Non-Resident Aliens for Tax Purposes.  Windstar (FNTR) can be access  from the "Quick Links" menu on the VISIT website ( or directly at Windstar (FNTR) (Foreign National Tax Resource)

C. Tax Assistance Resources (for Employees Considered "Resident Aliens" for Tax Purposes :

Windstar (FNTR) is only for international employees who are considered a "Non-Resident Alien for Tax Purposes."  It cannot be used by employees who are considered a "Resident Alien for Tax Purposes."  Windstar (FNTR) will determine whether you are a non-resident or resident for tax purposes as you answer the questionnaire. 

If you are unable to use the Windstar (FNTR) program because you are considered a "Resident Alien for Tax Purposes," and need assistance with completing tax forms, we recommend that you seek the advice of one of the numerous tax preparation services in Nashville or visit the IRS website at  In addition, as in previous years, Vanderbilt has coordinated with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, to provide free on-campus, tax preparation assistance to Vanderbilt employees, students and scholars who earned less than $55,000 in 2011.  Information on VITA's on-campus availability and locations can be found at  Trained VITA volunteers will prepare your taxes and e-file them but please note that VITA staff may not be experts on specific international tax issues such as property abroad and tax treaties.  Please be sure to take government identification and your SSN to the VITA appointment. 

IMPORTANT :  VISIT does not provide tax-related personal advice; cannot answer specific, personal tax related questions; and cannot prepare your tax return.


Important Announcements In 2011

February 11, 2011

  • Export Control Attestation Requirement :  Any H-1B and O-1 packets received by VISIT from today moving forward are required to have a complete Export Control Questionnaire and Certification. All of these filings will reach USCIS by the time the suspension on the requirement has been lifted.  The packets have been updated on our website to reflect this change.

Important Announcements in 2010

January 10, 2010

  • The USCIS Online Case Status Isn't Showing My Case; Is Something Wrong

The USCIS Online Case Status site is a convenient way to get information about your immigration case but, at times, it is not updated and sometimes it takes a few weeks before USCIS posts your case to the online site database.  

If USCIS is experiencing a backlog in getting cases posted to the online case status site it doesn’t mean that your immigration filing case isn’t in their hands; you have a copy of the receipt notice and this serves as confirmation that the filing has been received, assigned a case number and is being reviewed. The online case status site provides nothing more than the ability to check the status of your case without having to call the USCIS National Customer Service Center. It doesn’t serve as evidence that the filing has been received or otherwise control the adjudication process in any way. It’s simply a convenient alternate method of getting updates. Sometimes it works well and other times it doesn’t.

If the site isn’t working or is not providing accurate or updated information you can always check the status of your case by calling 1-800-375-5283.  There's no need to panic, however.