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Glossary of Housing Terms

Co-Signer = A Person, in addition to tenant, who signs lease and shares the responsibility for any rent and any damage payments with the tenant. A co-signer increases the financial credibility of the tenant to the landlord.

Furnished = Landlord provides furniture, such as couches, tables, etc., for all rooms of the unit. There are a limited number of furnished apartments in the Nashville area.

Landlord = Owner of property for rent.

Lease = In the United States, a lease or renter’s contract is a legal document. A lease is a promise for payment for a set period of time. Once it is signed the renter is obligated to abide by the conditions stated in the lease. Do not sign a lease until you know that this is where you want to live, because a landlord could legally make you pay rent for the apartment even if you decide to live elsewhere.

Renter's Insurance = An insurance policy the tenant purchases from an insurance company. It covers damages caused to property by tenant(s) or guest(s). Policy holder will be reimbursed for losses resulting from many different causes (including theft and/or flooding). The policy may also protect against lawsuits by guests who might be injured on the property. Premiums are usually quite low and this coverage is recommended.

Security Deposit = A sum of money that is paid in advance to the landlord to cover potential damages, unpaid rent, and utility bills. Additionally, dependent upon type of housing a renter may have to pay an application fee, administrative fee, or a cleaning fee as well before moving in.

Tenant = Legal occupant of a rented property. May have signed a lease agreeing to pay rent for the property.

Unfurnished = Landlord provides no furnishings for the unit. This is typical for the majority of apartments in the Nashville area.


Terms in Rental Advertisements

A/C = Air-conditioning provided

B/R = Bedroom

Dep/Rent = A security deposit is required, as well as the first month’s rent

D/W = Dishwasher

Furn. = Furnished

H/A = Heating and air-conditioning provided

Ref = References required

Stove,Refrig,Micro = Appliances provided (stove, refrigerator and microwave)

Unfurn. = Unfurnished

W/D = Washer/dryer provided

W/D HU = Washer and dryer hookups, no actual washer/dryer

Wind A/C = Window air conditioner provided