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Faculty and Staff

Vanderbilt has a variety of resources to assist in identifying the specific needs related to working internationally. For guidance on strategic initiatives, contact VIO at

Developing collaborative research projects abroad:

Factors to consider when pursuing global research:

  • Coordinating with existing in-country human subjects review processes
  • Effects of currency exchange rates
  • How to make funds available in-country
  • Purchasing logistics
  • Entry/exit visa requirements in-country for research faculty and staff
  • Whether legal status is required
  • IT infrastructure in-country
  • Export Compliance Regulations

Prior to initiating global research, researchers should consult VIO (615) 322-3444 regarding operational questions.

Inviting International Colleagues to Vanderbilt

Are you hosting a dean-level, vice president-level, or presidential-level visit soon? Please contact the Vanderbilt International Office with this information as soon as possible.

Advising and teaching resources for faculty/TAs

Planning a trip abroad?