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Alumni and Friends

Vanderbilt is proud of its extended community of alumni and friends. Sustaining and enhancing this vibrant global network of relationships is indispensable to the continuing success of the university as a world-class research and teaching institution.

Members of the extended Vanderbilt community serve as our ambassadorsboth domestically and abroadembodying Vanderbilt's values and academic excellence and representing the university to their colleagues and friends. Recommending Vanderbilt to future students and employees, providing career opportunities and opening professional networks to graduates, and accessing Vanderbilt's resources for the continued pursuit of knowledge and excellence, research, and further education are only a few of the ways alumni support the vision for the future.

Alumni Clubs and Connections
VIO provides alumni and friends with opportunities to support Vanderbilt in numerous ways while offering continued connection to campus life - either via the Internet or through personal visits.

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
If your business would like to work with Vanderbilt to identify way in which you could support Vanderbilt while complementing your corporate mission, contacting Corporate and Foundations Relations is a path to consider. They will work with business and corporate leaders to identify synergies in diverse areas such as research, recruiting, facilities and equipment, executive programs, and technology transfer.

     Read about Phillip Aliker, BA '85, and his time abroad working on East African law and jurisprudence.