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Vanderbilt International Office

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Adjusting to a New Culture

It is normal and expected for a person who has just entered a new culture or community to feel overwhelmed, excited, nervous, sad, frustrated, and happy all at once. Moving away from friends and the familiarity of home is challenging. Do not be alarmed or surprised if you find yourself feeling confused or frustrated as you adjust to life in the United States. You are not alone.

There are several places on campus where you can seek help and support if you are feeling overwhelmed. Please contact the offices below with any questions or concerns regarding your or your spouse’s or dependents’ transition to life in the United States.

International Student & Scholar Services

(615) 322-2753

Vanderbilt University International Services and International Tax

(615) 343-7467

O f fice of Religi ous Life

(615) 322-2457

Psychological and Counseling Services

(615) 322-2571

Vanderbilt International Office

(615) 322-3444