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Academic Programs & Departments with International Fields of Study

African American & Diaspora Studies
The program in African American and Diaspora Studies (PAADS) offers an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and comparative study of the histories, literatures, music, visual cultures, and politics of people of African descent around the world. Focusing on several geographic areas, the program examines equally the interactions of those diverse geographic areas, whose African-descended multiracial and multicultural inhabitants makeup the African diaspora, with Europe.

Anthropology, Department of
The Department maintains research interests and active field programs in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. The members of the faculty are internationally prominent for their research and publications on the ancient and modern cultures of the New World, especially Mesoamerica, the Andes, and Amazonia.

Art History, Department of
Students of art history are encouraged to develop both visual and cultural literacy by extensive study of works of art and the historical contexts in which they were created. Courses include: East Asian Architecture and Gardening; Art of Pre-Columbian America; Twentieth Century Mexican Literature, Film, and Art; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century European Art; Italian Renaissance Art; Jewish and Islamic Art and Architecture; Arts of East Asia. Students may also take History of Spanish Art as part of Vanderbilt's Study in Spain program.

Asian Studies Program
The program currently offers various courses that cover topics related to Asia (mainly China and Japan) in art, history, languages, and religion. The affiliated faculty promote better understanding of Asian societies and the international relations surrounding the region through their teaching as well as their research.

Classical Studies
The curriculum covers 3,500 years of human experience in the ancient Near East, Greece, and Roman Europe, from the beginnings of civilization to the Christianization of Europe and the dawn of the Middle Ages. Classical Studies majors are encouraged to spend a semester in Rome. A summer program in Athens is also available.

English, Department of
The curriculum provides extensive courses in the history of British and American literature and in Anglophone literatures from other countries. These diverse courses reflect the interests of students and faculty and the ever-widening area of English literary study. Various overseas programs offer opportunities for study and travel that enrich the educational experience.

European Studies
The Max Kade Center for European and German Studies offers an interdisciplinary major in modern European studies (EUS), designed for students who want to broaden their awareness of the European experience and to prepare for international careers or advanced study. Its curriculum is designed to give majors disciplinary breadth as well as expertise in a specialty of their choosing.

French & Italian, Department of
The diverse faculty within the Department of French & Italian includes scholars whose work explores the intersections of race, gender, law, and religion in French and Francophone literature and culture. Undergraduate students can major and minor in French, and earn a minor in Italian. They are encouraged to spend a semester or a year studying in France or Italy. At the graduate level, students may pursue the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in French.

Germanic & Slavic Languages, Department of
German at Vanderbilt offers a variety of options, ranging from minoring or majoring, to an occasional course on idiomatic German, or a Maymester in Vienna, a specialized course in business German, on Nietzsche's impact on literature, or an interdisciplinary look at the cultural life of the Weimar Republic.The German Division is part of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages. The other divisions are Russian and Linguistics.

History, Department of
The faculty of the Department offer international expertise in areas such as the African Diaspora, the Atlantic World, Early Modern Europe, Latin American and Caribbean History, the Middle East, Modern East Asia, Russia, & Modern Europe.

International Education Policy Management (IEPM)
The International Education Policy Managment concentration at Peabody College of Education is designed for those who intend to build an academic career dedicated to the study of education and its effect on social and economic development. The IEPM program combines K-12 and higher education issues and prepares students to work on education policy and strategic planning. It also helps enhance and understanding of the education system within the U.S. by means of systematic comparison.

Jewish Studies
Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt offers an interdisciplinary academic program that facilitates the critical study of Jewish history, religion, language, philosophy, politics, culture, society, music, art and literature across continents.

Latin American Studies
The Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies maintains an interactive research community by sponsoring faculty colloquia, receptions and conferences, and a speakers series which brings distinguished scholars, government and business leaders, and social activists to campus. The undergraduate program is ranked eighth in the nation by the Gourman Report and students may participate in an honors program or study abroad programs in various Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries. Additionally, the Center offers a Masters degree in Latin American Studies and, in conjunction with the Owen Graduate School of Management, a joint Master of Arts and Master of Business.

Political Science, Department of
Political Science offers a research faculty dedicated to exploring and advancing the understanding of politics and government around the globe. Undergraduate and graduate students may choose courses in American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Foreign Policy, and Political Theory.

Religious Studies, Department of
The Department of Religious Studies offers a wide range of courses, from Buddhism to Christianity. Students explore religion in its many aspects in societies around the world & become familiar with the diversity of religious expressions. To gain a greater worldview and context for religion many students study abroad in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East

Spanish and Portuguese, Department of
The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers a wide range of courses in the language, culture, and literature of Spain and Spanish America and is well known for its program in Portuguese and Brazilian studies. Two courses in Catalan are also offered. The department offers programs of concentration in both Spanish and Portuguese. Many students participate in the Vanderbilt in Spain program or in Vanderbilt programs in Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil.