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News and Events: July-December 2013

Vanderbilt Delegation Visits the US-China Center, November 26-28

A delegation of Vanderbilt administrators traveled to Guangzhou during Thanksgiving vacation, meeting with administrators from local partnering universities in the hopes of further building the US-China Center and its educational goals. The delegation, which included US-China Center co-directors Bill Ivey and Xiu Cravens, Carolyn Miller, assistant director of the Vanderbilt International Office, and Joy Calico, associate professor of musicology, were able to meet with representatives from many area universities, and the work put in place by all parties can hopefully strengthen the ties between Vanderbilt and the Pearl River Delta while also further building the US-China Center.

The members of the Vanderbilt delegation would like to send their sincerest thanks for the tremendous hospitality given to them during their time in Guangzhou. While missing Thanksgiving at home was a sacrifice, it was made completely worthwhile because of the generosity of their Chinese hosts.


Bridging Cultures: Conversations Through Music, November 19th

Both the United States and China are fortunate enough to have a long and vibrant history of rural folk music, and Bridging Cultures connected Chinese and American cultures through music and storytelling. Jim Millward, professor of Chinese history at Georgetown University, Jeff Wasserstrom, professor of Chinese history at the University of California-Irvine and editor of The Journal of Asian Studies, and Abigail Washburn, Chinese and English bilingual singer-songwriter, were the three speakers and performers and provided a historically and musically enriching show for the capacity crowd in attendance that night.

Additionally, because of her outstanding work as an ambassador of American culture to China and her enthusiasm and willingness to help the US-China Center in any way possible, Abigail Washburn was officially named the first US-China Center Fellow that night. The US-China Center hopes to regularly name fellows as a token of appreciation for an individual's work toward advancing mutual knowledge and understanding between the United States and China. For more news on our fellows, please check the People section of the US-China Center website.

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