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Targeted Chemotherapy



A team headed by Professor Todd D. Giorgio (Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering) has harnessed nanotechnology to infiltrate the nuclei of breast cancer cells--to deliver a knock-out punch of chemotherapy more effectively than conventional methods, with few side effects.

Professor Giorgio’s team has pioneered a way to detect breast cancer in the very early stages of the disease, using coated gold nanoparticles that bind to breast cancer cells, where they can be easily imaged with current mammogram and other imaging technology. To target even earlier stages of the disease, Professor Giorgio has found a way to develop an at-home breast cancer test that will be used much like a home pregnancy test.

“The ease and low cost of this approach establishes a new paradigm for breast cancer screening that offers the frequency and practical accessibility of self-examination with sensitivity that exceeds current medical imaging methods,” Giorgio says.

Vanderbilt University