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Nanofluidic Device Fabrication


Professor Anthony B. Hmelo (Physics and Astronomy) is developing fabrication technology based on Focused Ion Beam Microscopy and wet chemical etching techniques to produce a wide variety of one, two and three-dimensional features such as nano-pores, nano-channel arrays, and buried nanofluidic channels that can be deployed as elements of complex nanofluidic circuits. Common platforms for such devices can be semiconductors, insulators such as glass, and planar heterostructures such as silicon-on-oxide wafers (SOI) or other silicon-based substrates.

"Nanofabrication technology,” says Professor Hmelo, “affords an opportunity to extend the functionality of well-characterized microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip architectures into the nanoscale regime to realize exciting new devices for bio-chemical sensing, improved chemical separation technologies and DNA sequencing.”  


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