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Polymeric Architectures in the Nanoscale


Professor Eva Harth (Chemistry) explores the synthesis and utilization of precise organic architectures for a wide variety of applications ranging from the biomedical field to material sciences.  

“It has been never more exciting to work with organic macromolecules than today,” Harth says. “The rich chemistries for modification and design of such structures allow us to create polymeric building blocks, combine and modify them in ways to carve out niches, and mimic the sophistication and diversity of biological materials.” 

Harth’s team is studying multifunctional nanoparticles decorated with targeting units and imaging reagents, which are tested for their efficacy as drug carriers for cancer therapies. The same structures can incorporate semiconductors for their quantum efficiencies and electronic properties. They are developing organic “quantum dots” that have the potential to serve as materials for photovoltaic cells or substances useful in organic laboratory processes. Harth’s team is also studying materials to be used as magnetic beacons.

Vanderbilt University