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Emission through one of two metal electrodes of an organic light-emitting diode via surface-plasmon cross coupling. Gifford, DK; Hall, DG, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2002, 81, 4315-4317 View Abstract

Energy Response of an Imaging Plate Exposed to Standard Beta Sources. Gonzalez, AL; Li, H; Mitch, M; Tolk, N; Duggan, DM, APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES 2002, 57, 875-882 View Abstract

Evaluation of design methodology dedicated to dose-rate-hardened linear integrated circuits. Deval, Y; Lapuyade, H; Fouillat, P; Barnaby, H; Darracq, F; Briand, R; Lewis D; Schrimpf, RD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2002, 49, 1468-1473 View Abstract

Exchange coupling in FeTaN/IrMn/FeTaN and NiFe/IrMn/NiFe trilayer films. Jung, HS; Doyle, WD; Fujiwara, H; Wittig, JE; Al-Sharab, JF; Bentley, J; Evans, ND, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2002, 91, 6899-6901 View Abstract

Extraordinary transmission of organic photoluminescence through an otherwise opaque metal layer via surface plasmon cross coupling. Gifford, DK; Hall, DG, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2002, 80, 3679-3681 View Abstract

First-principles simulations of molecular electronics. Pantelides, ST; Di Ventra, M; Lang, ND, MOLECULAR ELECTRONICS II 2002, 960, 177-183 View Abstract

Foam Fractionation of a dilute solution of bovine lactoferrin. Noel, J; Prokop, A; Tanner, RD, APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2002, 98, 395-402 View Abstract

Four-wave-mixing phenomena associated with 700-fs-pumped potassium vapor. Garrett, WR; Haglund, RF; Ermer, DR; Deng, L; Payne, MG, LASER PHYSICS 2002, 12, 1155-1160 View Abstract

Genetic linkage and association of haplotypes at the serotonin transporter locus in a rigid-compulsions subphenotype of autism.. McCauley, JL; Dowd, M; Olson, LM; Amin, T; Blakely, RD; Folstein, SE; Haines, JL; Sutcliffe, JS, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2002, 71, 1913

Growth of Cr- and Co-doped CdSe crystals from high-temperature selenium solutions. Adetunji, OO; Roy, N; Cui, Y; Wright, G; Ndap, JO; Burger, A, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 2002, 31, 795-798 View Abstract

Growth of undoped and chromium-doped CdSxSe(1-x) crystals by the physical vapor transport method. Roy, UN; Cui, Y; Barnett, C; Chen, KT; Burger, A; Goldstein, JT, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 2002, 31, 791-794 View Abstract

Growth orientation of carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical vapor deposition. Zhu, S; Su, CH; Cochrane, JC; Lehoczky, S; Cui, Y; Burger, A, JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH 2002, 234, 584-588 View Abstract

Half-metallic ferromagnetism of MnBi in the zinc-blene structure. Xu, YQ; Liu, BG; Pettifor, DG, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2002, 66, 184435 View Abstract

Hexagonally shaped Bi-Te nanocrystals and Bi or Bi-Te/ceramic nanocomposites of high metal loading from mixed-metal oxide precursors. Moore, JT; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 2002, 12, 288-290 View Abstract

High resolution low-temperature superconductivity superconducting quantum interference device microscope for imaging magnetic fields of samples at room temperature. Baudenbacher, F; Peters, NT; Wikswo, JP, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 2002, 73, 1247-1254 View Abstract

Hydrogel-based colloidal polymeric system for protein and drug delivery: Physical and chemical characterization, permeability control and applications. Prokop, A; Kozlov, E; Carlesso, G; Davidson, JM, FILLED ELASTOMERS DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS 2002, 160, 119-173 View Abstract

Hydrogen-related reliability issues for advanced microelectronics. Fleetwood, DM, MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY 2002, 42, 1397-1403 View Abstract

Identification of novel matrix metalloproteinase-7 (matrilysin) cleavage sites in murine and human Fas ligand. Vargo-Gogola, T; Crawford, HC; Fingleton, B; Matrisian, LM, ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2002, 408, 155-161 View Abstract

Impact of passivation layers on enhanced low-dose-rate sensitivity and pre-irradiation elevated-temperature stress effects in bipolar linear ICs. Shaneyfelt, MR; Pease, RL; Schwank, JR; Maher, MC; Hash, GL; Fleetwood, DM; Dodd, PE; Reber, CA; Witczak, SC; Riewe, LC; Hjalmarson, HP; Banks, JC; Doyle, BL; Knapp, JA, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2002, 49, 3171-3179 View Abstract

Infrared laser ablation and ionization of water clusters and biomolecules from ice. Baltz-Knorr, ML; Schriver, KE; Haglund, RF, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2002, 197, 11-16 View Abstract

Infrared laser desorption and ionization of polypeptides from a polyacrylamide gel. Baltz-Knorr, M; Ermer, DR; Schriver, KE; Haglund, RF, JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY 2002, 37, 254-258 View Abstract

Infrared spectroscopy of chromium-doped cadmium selenide. Ndap, JO; Rablau, CI; Morrow, K; Adetunji, OO; Johnson, VA; Chattopadhyay, K; Page, RH; Burger, A, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 2002, 31, 802-805 View Abstract

Interactions of alpha 2-HS-glycoprotein (fetuin) with MMP-3 and murine squamous cell carcinoma cells. Leite-Browning, ML; McCawley, LJ; Choi, OH; Matrisian, LM; Ochieng, J, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 2002, 21, 965-971 View Abstract

Island shape selection in Pt(111) submonolayer homoepitaxy with or without CO as an adsorbate. Wu, J; Wang, EG; Varga, K; Liu, BG; Pantelides, ST; Zhang, ZY, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2002, 89, 146103 View Abstract

Kinetics of formation for n-alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers onto gold in aqueous micellar solutions of C12E6 and C12E7. Yan, D; Saunders, JA; Jennings, GK, LANGMUIR 2002, 18, 10202-10212 View Abstract

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