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A Sustained Release of Lovastatin from Biodegradable, Elastomeric Polyurethane Scaffolds for Enhanced Bone Regeneration. Yoshii, T; Hafeman, AE; Nyman, JS; Esparza, JM; Shinomiya, K; Spengler, DM; Mundy, GR; Gutierrez, GE; Guelcher, SA, TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A 2010, 16, 2369-2379 View Abstract

A tetrameric allyl complex of sodium, and computational modeling of the Na-23-allyl chemical shift. McMillen, CH; Gren, CK; Hanusa, TP; Rheingold, AL, INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA 2010, 364, 61-68 View Abstract

Acetaminophen inhibits hemoprotein-catalyzed lipid peroxidation and attenuates rhabdomyolysis-induced renal failure. Boutaud, O; Moore, KP; Reeder, BJ; Harry, D; Howie, AJ; Wang, SH; Carney, CK; Masterson, TS; Amin, T; Wright, DW; Wilson, MT; Oates, JA; Roberts, LJ, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2010, 107, 2699-2704 View Abstract

Adsorption Equilibrium of Binary Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor on Zeolites 5A and 13X. Wang, Y; Levan, MD, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA 2010, 55, 3189-3195 View Abstract

Allyl complexes of the heavy alkaline-earth metals: molecular structure and catalytic behavior. Quisenberry, KT; White, RE; Hanusa, TP; Brennessel, WW, NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 2010, 34, 1579-1584 View Abstract

An Off-Lattice Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Model of Tumor Growth and Invasion. Jeon, J; Quaranta, V; Cummings, PT, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2010, 98, 37-47 View Abstract

An optical "Janus" device for integrated photonics
. Zentgraf, T; Valentine, J; Tapia, N; Li, JS; Zhang, XA, ADVANCED MATERIALS 2010, 22, 2561-2564 View Abstract

Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Treatment in Combination with Chemotherapy Delays Hematopoietic Recovery Due to Decreased Proliferation of Bone Marrow Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells. Novitskiy, SV; Csiki, I; Huang, YH; Johnson, DH; Harth, EM; Carbone, DP; Dikov, MM, JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY 2010, 5, 1410-1415 View Abstract

Antidepressant Action: From Molecule to Mouse to Man. Blakely, R, BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 2010, 67, 1

Atmospheric Pressure Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. de Jonge, N; Bigelow, WC; Veith, GM, NANO LETTERS 2010, 10, 1028-1031 View Abstract

Atom-by-atom structural and chemical analysis by annular dark-field electron microscopy. Krivanek, OL; Chisholm, MF; Nicolosi, V; Pennycook, TJ; Corbin, GJ; Dellby, N; Murfitt, MF; Own, CS; Szilagyi, ZS; Oxley, MP; Pantelides, ST; Pennycook, SJ, NATURE 2010, 464, 571-574 View Abstract

Atomic-Scale Compensation Phenomena at Polar Interfaces. Chisholm, MF; Luo, WD; Oxley, MP; Pantelides, ST; Lee, HN, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2010, 105, 197602 View Abstract

Atomic-scale computational modeling of cement and concrete. Sanchez, F, AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY BULLETIN 2010, 89, 28-30

Atomic-scale mechanisms for diffusion of impurities in transition-metal nitrides. Tsetseris, L; Logothetidis, S; Pantelides, ST, SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 2010, 204, 2089-2094 View Abstract

Bias Effects on Total Dose-Induced Degradation of Bipolar Linear Microcircuits for Switched Dose-Rate Irradiation. Velo, YG; Boch, J; Roche, NJH; Perez, S; Vaille, JR; Dusseau, L; Saigne, F; Lorfevre, E; Schrimpf, RD; Chatry, C; Canals, A, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 1950-1957 View Abstract

Biexciton in magnetic fields. Varga, K, FEW-BODY SYSTEMS 2010, 47, 65-71 View Abstract

Bimodal Analysis Reveals a General Scaling Law Governing Nondirected and Chemotactic Cell Motility. Gruver, JS; Potdar, AA; Jeon, J; Sai, J; Anderson, B; Webb, D; Richmond, A; Quaranta, V; Cummings, PT; Chung, CY, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2010, 99, 367-376 View Abstract

Bis(1,3-trimethylsilylallyl)beryllium. Chmely, SC; Hanusa, TP; Brennessel, WW, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2010, 49, 5870-5874

Boron induced charge traps near the interface of Si/SiO2 probed by second harmonic generation. Park, H; Qi, JB; Xu, Y; Varga, K; Weiss, SM; Rogers, BR; Lupke, G; Tolk, N, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS 2010, 247, 1997-2001 View Abstract

Bottom-Up Synthesis of Biologically Active Multilayer Films Using Inkjet-Printed Templates. Swartz, JD; Deravi, LF; Wright, DW, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2010, 20, 1488-1492 View Abstract

Buckypaper fabrication by liberation of electrophoretically deposited carbon nanotubes. Rigueur, JL; Hasan, SA; Mahajan, SV; Dickerson, JH, CARBON 2010, 48, 4090-4099 View Abstract

Calculation of transmission probability by solving an eigenvalue problem. Bubin, S; Varga, K, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER 2010, 22, 465306 View Abstract

Capture and release of alkyne-derivatized glycerophospholipids using cobalt chemistry. Milne, SB; Tallman, KA; Serwa, R; Rouzer, CA; Armstrong, MD; Marnett, LJ; Lukehart, CM; Porter, NA; Brown, HA, NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2010, 6, 205-207 View Abstract

Carbon incorporation in chemical vapor deposited aluminum oxide films. Schmidt, BW; Rogers, BR; Gren, CK; Hanusa, TP, THIN SOLID FILMS 2010, 518, 3658-3663 View Abstract

Characterization of thiolate-protected gold nanoparticles by mass spectrometry. Harkness, KM; Cliffel, DE; McLean, JA, ANALYST 2010, 135, 868-874 View Abstract

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