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Simulations of the Quartz(10(1)over-bar1)/Water Interface: A Comparison of Classical Force Fields, Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics, and X-ray Reflectivity Experiments. Skelton, AA; Fenter, P; Kubicki, JD; Wesolowski, DJ; Cummings, PT, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2011, 115, 2076-2088 View Abstract

Single-Event Transient Measurements in nMOS and pMOS Transistors in a 65-nm Bulk CMOS Technology at Elevated Temperatures. Gadlage, MJ; Ahlbin, JR; Narasimham, B; Bhuva, BL; Massengill, LW; Schrimpf, RD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY 2011, 11, 179-186 View Abstract

Skeletal rigidity enhances TGF-B effects on cancer cell expression of osteolytic factors. Ruppender, NS; Sterling, JA; Martin, TJ; Mundy, GR; Guelcher, SA, BONE 2011, 48, S39-S39

Superantiferromagnetic EuTe nanoparticles: room temperature colloidal synthesis, structural characterization, and magnetic properties. He, WD; Somarajan, S; Koktysh, DS; Dickerson, JH, NANOSCALE 2011, 3, 184-187 View Abstract

Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of a Family of CdS-PdX Hybrid Nanoparticles. Shemesh, Y; Macdonald, JE; Menagen, G; Banin, U, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2011, 50, 1185-1189

Template assisted synthesis of europium sulfide nanotubes. Harrison, MA; Somarajan, S; Mahajan, SV; Koktysh, DS; van Benthem, K; Dickerson, JH, MATERIALS LETTERS 2011, 65, 420-423 View Abstract

TGF-beta Promotion of Gli2-Induced Expression of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein, an Important Osteolytic Factor in Bone Metastasis, Is Independent of Canonical Hedgehog Signaling. Johnson, RW; Nguyen, MP; Padalecki, SS; Grubbs, BG; Merkel, AR; Oyajobi, BO; Matrisian, LM; Mundy, GR; Sterling, JA, CANCER RESEARCH 2011, 71, 822-831 View Abstract

The effect of nitrogen plasma anneals on interface trap density and channel mobility for 4H-SiC MOS devices. Zhu, XG; Ahyi, AC; Li, MY; Chen, ZJ; Rozen, J; Feldman, LC; Williams, JR, SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS 2011, 57, 76-79 View Abstract

The preparation of 3-substituted-1,5-dibromopentanes as precursors to heteracyclohexanes. Ringstrand, B; Oltmanns, M; Batt, JA; Jankowiak, A; Denicola, RP; Kaszynski, P, BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2011, 7, 386-393 View Abstract

Thermally driven isotropic crystallinity breaking of nanocrystals: Insight into the assembly of EuS nanoclusters and nanorods with oleate ligands. He, WD; Dickerson, JH, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2011, 98, 081914 View Abstract

Tight Junction-Associated Signaling Pathways Modulate Cell Proliferation in Uveal Melanoma. Jayagopal, A; Yang, JL; Haselton, FR; Chang, MS, INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE 2011, 52, 588-593 View Abstract

Transgenic elimination of high-affinity antidepressant and cocaine sensitivity in the presynaptic serotonin transporter. Thompson, BJ; Jessen, T; Henry, LK; Field, JR; Gamble, KL; Gresch, PJ; Carneiro, AM; Horton, RE; Chisnell, PJ; Belova, Y; McMahon, DG; Daws, LC; Blakely, RD, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2011, 108, 3785-3790 View Abstract

"Click" Reactions: Novel Chemistries for Forming Well-defined Polyester Nanoparticles. van der Ende, AE; Harrell, J; Sathiyakumar, V; Meschievitz, M; Katz, J; Adcock, K; Harth, E, MACROMOLECULES 2010, 43, 5665-5671 View Abstract

Emission characteristics of white CdSe nanocrystal films

. Gosnell, JD; Rosenthal, SJ; Weiss, SM, IEEE PHOTON. TECHNOL. LETTERS 2010, 22, 541-543

Porous silicon waveguides for small molecule detection

. Weiss, SM; Rong, G, Nanoscience/Nanotechnology for Chemical and Biological Defense, edited by R. Nagarajan, W. Zukas, T.A. Hatton, S. Lee (ACS Symposium Series, Oxford University Press) 2010, 1016, 185-194

Ultrafast compact silicon-based ring resonator modulators using metal-insulator switching of vanadium dioxide

. Nag, J; Ryckman, JD; Hertkorn, MT; Choi, BK; Haglund, RF; Weiss, SM, PROCEEDINGS - SPIE 2010, 7597, 759710

A combined computational/experimental approach to understanding the quartz/water interface. Skelton, AA; Kubicki, JD; Fenter, P; Van Duin, ACT; Wesolowski, DJ; Cummings, PT, GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA 2010, 74, A969-A969

A course-grained model for amorphous and crystalline fatty acids. Hadley, KR; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2010, 132, 134505 View Abstract

A mathematical model of bone remodeling dynamics for normal bone cell populations and myeloma bone disease. Ayati, BP; Edwards, CM; Webb, GF; Wikswo, JP, BIOLOGY DIRECT 2010, 5, 28 View Abstract

A metering rotary nanopump for microfluidic systems. Darby, SG; Moore, MR; Friedlander, TA; Schaffer, DK; Reiserer, RS; Wikswo, JP; Seale, KT, LAB ON A CHIP 2010, 10, 3218-3226 View Abstract

A miniaturized power source using electron stimulated impact ionization field emission. Ghosh, N; Kang, WP; Davidson, JL, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2010, 97, 173112 View Abstract

A monolithic electron beam amplified carbon nanotube field emission cell. Ghosh, N; Kang, WP; Wong, YM; Davidson, JL, DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS 2010, 19, 247-251 View Abstract

A novel micro-fabricated thruster for drug release in remote controlled capsule. Pi, XT; Lin, YL; Wei, K; Liu, HY; Wang, G; Zheng, XL; Wen, ZY; Li, DY, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL 2010, 159, 227-232 View Abstract

A Structural Mass Spectrometry Strategy for the Relative Quantitation of Ligands on Mixed Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticles. Harkness, KM; Hixson, BC; Fenn, LS; Turner, BN; Rape, AC; Simpson, CA; Huffman, BJ; Okoli, TC; McLean, JA; Cliffel, DE, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2010, 82, 9268-9274 View Abstract

A Structurally Relevant Coarse-Grained Model for Cholesterol. Hadley, KR; McCabe, C, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2010, 99, 2896-2905 View Abstract

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