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Genetic variation in the presynaptic norepinephrine transporter is associated with blood pressure responses to exercise in healthy humans. Kohli, U; Hahn, MK; English, BA; Sofowora, GG; Muszkat, M; Li, C; Blakely, RD; Stein, CM; Kurnik, D, PHARMACOGENETICS AND GENOMICS 2011, 21, 171-178 View Abstract

Geometric Effects in Olefinic Cation-pi Interactions with Alkali Metals: A Computational Study. Engerer, LK; Hanusa, TP, JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2011, 76, 42-49 View Abstract

High Delta epsilon nematic liquid crystals: fluxional zwitterions of the [closo-1-CB9H10](-) cluster. Ringstrand, B; Kaszynski, P, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 2011, 21, 90-95 View Abstract

High electron mobility due to sodium ions in the gate oxide of SiC-metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors. Tuttle, BR; Dhar, S; Ryu, SH; Zhu, X; Williams, JR; Feldman, LC; Pantelides, ST, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2011, 109, 023702 View Abstract

Human Metapneumovirus Infection as an Emerging Pathogen Causing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Reply. Williams, JV; Crowe, JE, JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2011, 203, 296-296

Hydrogel-Electrospun Mesh Composites for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts. McMahon, RE; Qu, X; Jimenez-Vergara, AC; Bashur, CA; Guelcher, SA; Goldstein, AS; Hahn, MS, TISSUE ENGINEERING PART C-METHODS 2011, 17, 451-461 View Abstract

Identification of a major cause of endemically poor mobilities in SiC/SiO2 structures. Shen, XA; Pantelides, ST, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2011, 98, 053507 View Abstract

Imaging of cells using integrin-targeted nanoparticles and multiphoton-absorption-induced-luminescence. Stone, JW; Crowe, JE, NANOMEDICINE 2011, 6, 17-17

Implication of the env Gene of the Human Endogenous Retrovirus W Family in the Expression of BDNF and DRD3 and Development of Recent-Onset Schizophrenia. Huang, WJ; Li, S; Hu, YM; Yu, HL; Luo, F; Zhang, Q; Zhu, F, SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN 2011, 37, 988-1000 View Abstract

Increased control of peptide conjugation to nanoparticles using a heterobifunctional linker strategy. Stone, JW; Crowe, JE, NANOMEDICINE 2011, 6, 15-16


Laminin-332 Cleavage by Matriptase Alters Motility Parameters of Prostate Cancer Cells. Tripathi, M; Potdar, AA; Yamashita, H; Weidow, B; Cummings, PT; Kirchhofer, D; Quaranta, V, PROSTATE 2011, 71, 184-196 View Abstract

Luminescent Quantum Dots. Dukes, A; McBride, JA; Rosenthal, SJ, Electrochemical Society Transactions, Tutorials in Nanotechnology: Focus on Liminescence and Display Materials 2011, 33, 3

Mechanisms of Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation. Torres, RD; Johnson, SL; Haglund, RF; Hwang, J; Burn, PL; Holloway, PH, CRITICAL REVIEWS IN SOLID STATE AND MATERIALS SCIENCES 2011, 36, 16-45 View Abstract

Modeling the measurements of cellular fluxes in microbioreactor devices using thin enzyme electrodes. Velkovsky, M; Snider, R; Cliffel, DE; Wikswo, JP, JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL CHEMISTRY 2011, 49, 251-275 View Abstract

Multidomain decomposition approach to time-dependent density functional calculations. Goncharov, VA; Varga, K, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2011, 83, 035118 View Abstract

Multifunctional FePt Nanoparticles for Radiation-Guided Targeting and Imaging of Cancer. Hariri, G; Wellons, MS; Morris, WH; Lukehart, CM; Hallahan, DE, ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 2011, 39, 946-952 View Abstract

Multifunctional nanoparticles as simulants for a gravimetric immunoassay. Miller, SA; Hiatt, LA; Keil, RG; Wright, DW; Cliffel, DE, ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2011, 399, 1021-1029 View Abstract

Non-viral siRNA delivery vectors: dendritic molecular transporter and molecular transporter nanovectors for target gene silencing. Hamilton, SK; Sims, AL; Donavan, J; Harth, E, POLYMER CHEMISTRY 2011, 2, 441-446 View Abstract

Phase behavior of a simple model of ferrocolloidal fluid. Protsykevytch, IA; Kalyuzhnyi, YV; Cummings, PT, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2011, 503, 226-230 View Abstract

Plasmonic Luneburg and Eaton lenses. Zentgraf, T; Liu, Y; Mikkelsen, M; Valentine, J; Zhang, X, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 2011, 6, 151-155 View Abstract

Reconfiguration and dissociation of bonded hydrogen in silicon by energetic ions. Rao, SVSN; Dixit, SK; Lupke, G; Tolk, NH; Feldman, LC, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2011, 83, 045204 View Abstract

Regulatory T cell expression of CLA or alpha(4)beta(7) and skin or gut acute GVHD outcomes. Engelhardt, BG; Jagasia, M; Savani, BN; Bratcher, NL; Greer, JP; Jiang, A; Kassim, AA; Lu, P; Schuening, F; Yoder, SM; Rock, MT; Crowe, JE, BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION 2011, 46, 436-442 View Abstract

Sensing and Modulation of Invadopodia across a Wide Range of Rigidities. Parekh, A; Ruppender, NS; Branch, KM; Sewell-Loftin, MK; Lin, J; Boyer, PD; Candiello, JE; Merryman, WD; Guelcher, SA; Weaver, AM, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2011, 100, 573-582 View Abstract

Severe pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza disease due to pathogenic immune complexes. Monsalvo, AC; Batalle, JP; Lopez, MF; Krause, JC; Klemenc, J; Hernandez, JZ; Maskin, B; Bugna, J; Rubinstein, C; Aguilar, L; Dalurzo, L; Libster, R; Savy, V; Baumeister, E; Aguilar, L; Cabral, G; Font, J; Solari, L; Weller, KP; Johnson, J; Echavarria, M; Edwards, KM; Chappell, JD; Crowe, JE; Williams, JV; Melendi, GA; Polack, FP, NATURE MEDICINE 2011, 17, 195-U225 View Abstract

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