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Imaging proteolytic activity at primary and metastatic sites. Matrisian, LM; McIntyre, JO; Scherer, RL; Martin, MD, CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS 2009, 26, 932-932

Impact of Low-Energy Proton Induced Upsets on Test Methods and Rate Predictions. Sierawski, BD; Pellish, JA; Reed, RA; Schrimpf, RD; Warren, KM; Weller, RA; Mendenhall, MH; Black, JD; Tipton, AD; Xapsos, MA; Baumann, RC; Deng, XW; Campola, MJ; Friendlich, MR; Kim, HS; Phan, AM; Seidleck, CM, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2009, 56, 3085-3092 View Abstract

Impact of Proton Irradiation-Induced Bulk Defects on Gate-Lag in GaN HEMTs. Kalavagunta, A; Silvestri, M; Beck, MJ; Dixit, SK; Schrimpf, RD; Reed, RA; Fleetwood, DM; Shen, L; Mishra, UK, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2009, 56, 3192-3195 View Abstract

In vivo analysis of tumor-host interactions within the oxygen and nutrient-deprived microenvironment of primary tumors. Hansen, AG; Zijlstra, A; Schaffer, DK; Olsen, E; Ashby, WJ; Wikswo, JP, CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS 2009, 26, 894-894

Inhibition of mammalian target of rapamycin is required for optimal antitumor effect of HER2 inhibitors against HER2-overexpressing cancer cells. Miller, TW; Forbes, JT; Shah, C; Wyatt, SK; Manning, HC; Olivares, MG; Sanchez, V; Dugger, TC; Granja, ND; Narasanna, A; Cook, RS; Kennedy, JP; Lindsley, CW; Arteaga, CL, CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2009, 15, 7266-7276 View Abstract


Integrated analysis of genetic and proteomic data identifies biomarkers associated with adverse events following smallpox vaccination. Reif, DM; Motsinger-Reif, AA; McKinney, BA; Rock, MT; Crowe, JE; Moore, JH, GENES AND IMMUNITY 2009, 10, 112-119 View Abstract

Integrin alpha v beta 1 promotes infection by human metapneumovirus. Cseke, G; Maginnis, MS; Cox, RG; Tollefson, SJ; Podsiad, AB; Wright, DW; Dermody, TS; Williams, JV, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2009, 106, 1566-1571 View Abstract

Investigation of optimal parameters for oxide-assisted growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes. Pint, CL; Pheasant, ST; Parra-Vasquez, ANG; Horton, C; Xu, YQ; Hauge, RH, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2009, 113, 4125-4133 View Abstract

Ionic current through a nanopore three nanometers in diameter. Ge, YY; Xu, DY; Yang, JK; Chen, YF; Li, DY, PHYSICAL REVIEW E 2009, 80, 021918 View Abstract

Isosteric heats of adsorption in the Henry's law region for carbon single wall cylindrical nanopores and spherical nanocavities. Liu, J; Levan, MD, CARBON 2009, 47, 3415-3423 View Abstract

Joint Statement of Editors of Journals Publishing Thermophysical Property Data Process for Article Submission for The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Fluid Phase Equilibria, International Journal of Thermophysics, Thermochimica Acta, and Journal of Chemical Engineering Data. Cummings, PT, FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA 2009, 276, 165-166

Kinetics of Molecular Recognition Mediated Nanoparticle Self-Assembly. Soman, C; Giorgio, T, NANO RESEARCH 2009, 2, 78-84 View Abstract

Laser-Induced Current Transients in Strained-Si Diodes. Park, H; Cummings, DJ; Arora, R; Pellish, JA; Reed, RA; Schrimpf, RD; McMorrow, D; Armstrong, SE; Roh, U; Nishida, T; Law, ME; Thompson, SE, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2009, 56, 3203-3209 View Abstract

Leaching from granular cement-based materials during infiltration/wetting coupled with freezing and thawing. Sanchez, F; White, MKL; Hoang, A, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2009, 90, 983-993 View Abstract

Metabolic Discrimination of Select List Agents by Monitoring Cellular Responses in a Multianalyte Microphysiometer. Eklund, SE; Thompson, RG; Snider, RM; Carney, CK; Wright, DW; Wikswo, J; Cliffel, DE, SENSORS 2009, 9, 2117-2133 View Abstract

Method for measuring solvent permeation through polymer film on porous dielectric films. Geil, RD; Senkevich, JJ; Rogers, BR, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B 2009, 27, 1825-1828 View Abstract

Micro-Mirrors for Nanoscale Three-Dimensional Microscopy. Seale, K; Janetopoulos, C; Wikswo, J, ACS NANO 2009, 3, 493-497 View Abstract

Micro-Raman, SEM, XPS, and electron field emission characterizations of nitrogen-induced shallow defects on nanodiamond films fabricated with different growth parameters. LeQuan, XC; Kang, WP; Davidson, JL; Guo, M; Choi, BK, DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS 2009, 18, 191-195 View Abstract

Microfluidic single cell arrays to interrogate signalling dynamics of individual, patient-derived hematopoietic stem cells. Faley, SL; Copland, M; Wlodkowic, D; Kolch, W; Seale, KT; Wikswo, JP; Cooper, JM, LAB ON A CHIP 2009, 9, 2659-2664 View Abstract

Microfluidic Single-Cell Array Cytometry for the Analysis of Tumor Apoptosis. Wlodkowic, D; Faley, S; Zagnoni, M; Wikswo, JP; Cooper, JM, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2009, 81, 5517-5523 View Abstract

Microstructure and macroscopic properties of hybrid carbon nanofiber/silica fume cement composites. Sanchez, F; Ince, C, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2009, 69, 1310-1318 View Abstract

Migration of species in a prototype diffusion barrier: Cu, O, and H in TiN. Tsetseris, L; Logothetidis, S; Pantelides, ST, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2009, 94, 161903 View Abstract

Mix and match nanodendrons for targeting and treatment of breast cancer metastases. Scherer, RL; Samuelson, LE; Lynch, CC; McIntyre, JO; Bornhop, DJ; Matrisian, LM, CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS 2009, 26, 906-906

MMP-7 Potentiates the osteolytic vicious cycle. Thiolloy, S; Halpern, JL; Holt, GE; Schwartz, HS; Mundy, GR; Matrisian, LM; Lynch, CC, CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS 2009, 26, 920-920

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