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Process and Contamination Effects on the Single-Event Response of AlSb/InAs HEMTs. DasGupta, S; McMorrow, D; Reed, RA; Schrimpf, RD; Boos, JB; Ramachandran, V, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 3262-3266 View Abstract

Process Dependence of Proton-Induced Degradation in GaN HEMTs. Roy, T; Zhang, EX; Puzyrev, YS; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Choi, BK; Hmelo, AB; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 3060-3065 View Abstract

Pseudovirion Particles Bearing Native HIV Envelope Trimers Facilitate a Novel Method for Generating Human Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Against HIV. Hicar, MD; Chen, XM; Briney, B; Hammonds, J; Wang, JJ; Kalams, S; Spearman, PW; Crowe, JE, JAIDS-JOURNAL OF ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROMES 2010, 54, 223-235 View Abstract

Rab11 Supports Amphetamine-Stimulated Norepinephrine Transporter Trafficking. Matthies, HJG; Moore, JL; Saunders, C; Matthies, DS; Lapierre, LA; Goldenring, JR; Blakely, RD; Galli, A, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2010, 30, 7863-7877 View Abstract

Rapid Extravasation and Establishment of Breast Cancer Micrometastases in the Liver Microenvironment. Martin, MD; Kremers, GJ; Short, KW; Rocheleau, JV; Xu, L; Piston, DW; Matrisian, LM; Gorden, DL, MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH 2010, 8, 1319-1327 View Abstract

Recoverable degradation in InAs/AlSb high-electron mobility transistors: The role of hot carriers and metastable defects in AlSb. Shen, X; DasGupta, S; Reed, RA; Schrimpf, RD; Fleetwood, DM; Pantelides, ST, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2010, 108, 114505 View Abstract

Resonant tunneling and extreme brightness from diamond field emitters and carbon nanotubes. Jarvis, JD; Andrews, HL; Ivanov, B; Stewart, CL; de Jonge, N; Heeres, EC; Kang, WP; Wong, YM; Davidson, JL; Brau, CA, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2010, 108, 094322 View Abstract

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Induces Host RNA Stress Granules To Facilitate Viral Replication. Lindquist, ME; Lifland, AW; Utley, TJ; Santangelo, PJ; Crowe, JE, JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2010, 84, 12274-12284 View Abstract

Response of a 0.25 mu m thin-film silicon-on-sapphire CMOS technology to total ionizing dose. King, MP; Gong, D; Liu, C; Liu, T; Xiang, AC; Ye, J; Schrimpf, RD; Reed, RA; Alles, ML; Fleetwood, DM, JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2010, 5, C11021 View Abstract

Resummed thermodynamic perturbation theory for central force associating potential: One-patch model. Kalyuzhnyi, YV; Docherty, H; Cummings, PT, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2010, 133, 044502 View Abstract

Scaling Trends in SET Pulse Widths in Sub-100 nm Bulk CMOS Processes. Gadlage, MJ; Ahlbin, JR; Narasimham, B; Bhuva, BL; Massengill, LW; Reed, RA; Schrimpf, RD; Vizkelethy, G, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 3336-3341 View Abstract

Selection of Well Contact Densities for Latchup-Immune Minimal-Area ICs. Dodds, NA; Hutson, JM; Pellish, JA; Reed, RA; Kim, HS; Berg, MD; Friendlich, MR; Phan, AM; Seidleck, CM; Xapsos, MA; Deng, X; Baumann, RC; Schrimpf, RD; King, MP; Massengill, LW; Weller, RA, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 3575-3581 View Abstract

Selective Visualization of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Inflammation and Cancer by Targeted Fluorescent Imaging Agents. Uddin, MJ; Crews, BC; Blobaum, AL; Kingsley, PJ; Gorden, DL; McIntyre, JO; Matrisian, LM; Subbaramaiah, K; Dannenberg, AJ; Piston, DW; Marnett, LJ, CANCER RESEARCH 2010, 70, 3618-3627 View Abstract

Simulating STEM Imaging of Nanoparticles in Micrometers-Thick Substrates. Demers, H; Poirier-Demers, N; Drouin, D; de Jonge, N, MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS 2010, 16, 795-804 View Abstract

Single-particle plasmon resonance spectroscopy of phase transition in vanadium dioxide. Lei, DY; Appavoo, K; Sonnefraud, Y; Haglund, RF; Maier, SA, OPTICS LETTERS 2010, 35, 3988-3990 View Abstract

Size-Dependent Infiltration and Optical Detection of Nucleic Acids in Nanoscale Pores. Lawrie, JL; Jiao, Y; Weiss, SM, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY 2010, 9, 596-602 View Abstract

Special Issue: Fifth Molecular Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation Preface. Tamura, K; Cummings, PT, FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA 2010, 297, V-V

Special Issue: Ionic Liquids Preface. McCabe, C; Peters, CJ, FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA 2010, 294, VI-VI

Specificity for Human Hemoglobin Enhances Staphylococcus aureus Infection. Pishchany, G; McCoy, AL; Torres, VJ; Krause, JC; Crowe, JE; Fabry, ME; Skaar, EP, CELL HOST & MICROBE 2010, 8, 544-550 View Abstract

Structural Basis of Preexisting Immunity to the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Virus. Xu, R; Ekiert, DC; Krause, JC; Hai, R; Crowe, JE; Wilson, IA, SCIENCE 2010, 328, 357-360 View Abstract

Structure and stoichiometry of (0001) 4H-SiC/oxide interface. Zhu, XG; Lee, HD; Feng, TA; Ahyi, AC; Mastrogiovanni, D; Wan, A; Garfunkel, E; Williams, JR; Gustafsson, T; Feldman, LC, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2010, 97, 071908 View Abstract

Supercritical fluid behavior at nanoscale interfaces: Implications for CO2 sequestration in geologic formations. Cole, DR; Chialvo, AA; Rother, G; Vlcek, L; Cummings, PT, PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE 2010, 90, 2339-2363 View Abstract

Surface Fragmentation of Complexes from Thiolate Protected Gold Nanoparticles by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry. Harkness, KM; Fenn, LS; Cliffel, DE; McLean, JA, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2010, 82, 3061-3066 View Abstract

Surface-Initiated Polymerization of 5-(Perfluoro-n-alkyl)norbornenes from Gold Substrates. Faulkner, CJ; Fischer, RE; Jennings, GK, MACROMOLECULES 2010, 43, 1203-1209 View Abstract

Surface-Initiated Polymerization of Superhydrophobic Polymethylene. Tuberquia, JC; Nizamidin, N; Harl, RR; Albert, J; Hunter, J; Rogers, BR; Jennings, GK, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2010, 132, 5725-5734 View Abstract

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