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Nonreciprocal switching of VO2 thin films on microstructured surfaces. Karakurt, I; Adams, CH; Leiderer, P; Boneberg, J; Haglund, RF, OPTICS LETTERS 2010, 35, 1506-1508 View Abstract

Novel Energy-Dependent Effects Revealed in GeV Heavy-Ion-Induced Transient Measurements of Antimony-Based III-V HEMTs. McMorrow, D; Warner, J; DasGupta, S; Ramachandran, V; Boos, JB; Reed, R; Schrimpf, R; Paillet, P; Ferlet-Cavrois, V; Baggio, J; Buchner, S; El-Mamouni, F; Raine, M; Duhamel, O, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2010, 57, 3358-3365 View Abstract

On the Behavior of Solutions of Xenon in Liquid n-Alkanes Solubility of Xenon in n-Pentane and n-Hexane. Bonifacio, RPMF; Martins, LFG; McCabe, C; Filipe, EJM, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2010, 114, 15897-15904 View Abstract

On the investigation of coarse-grained models for water: balancing computational efficiency and the retention of structural properties. Hadley, KR; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2010, 114, 4590-4599 View Abstract

On the temperature dependence of mineral surface protonation and ion adsorption reactions. Wesolowski, DJ; Machesky, ML; Lvov, SN; Predota, M; Ridley, MK; Cummings, PT, GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA 2010, 74, A1127-A1127

On ultrasmall nanocrystals. McBride, JR; Dukes, AD; Schreuder, MA; Rosenthal, SJ, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2010, 498, 1-9 View Abstract

Open access microfluidic device for the study of cell migration during chemotaxis. Jowhar, D; Wright, G; Samson, PC; Wikswo, JP; Janetopoulos, C, INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY 2010, 2, 648-658 View Abstract

Optical gaps of free and embedded Si nanoclusters: Density functional theory calculations. Pennycook, TJ; Hadjisavvas, G; Idrobo, JC; Kelires, PC; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2010, 82, 125310 View Abstract

Origin of bulklike optical response in noble-metal Ag and Au nanoparticles. Idrobo, JC; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2010, 82, 085420 View Abstract

Origin of Colossal Ionic Conductivity in Oxide Multilayers: Interface Induced Sublattice Disorder. Pennycook, TJ; Beck, MJ; Varga, K; Varela, M; Pennycook, SJ; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2010, 104, 115901 View Abstract

Oxygen and water-related impurities in C-60 crystals: A density-functional theory study. Tsetseris, L; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 2010, 82, 045201 View Abstract

Parallelized Direct Search of a Binary Objective. Grant, P; Walker, DG, JOURNAL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING 2010, 10, 044502 View Abstract

Performance of Carbon Nanofiber-Cement Composites with a High-Range Water Reducer. Gay, C; Sanchez, F, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD 2010, , 109-113 View Abstract

Performance, reliability, radiation effects, and aging issues in microelectronics - From atomic-scale physics to engineering-level modeling. Pantelides, ST; Tsetseris, L; Beck, MJ; Rashkeev, SN; Hadjisavvas, G; Batyrev, IG; Tuttle, BR; Marinopoulos, AG; Zhou, XJ; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD, SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS 2010, 54, 841-848 View Abstract

Phase Transitions in Nanoconfined Fluids: The Evidence from Simulation and Theory. Cummings, PT; Docherty, H; Iacovella, CR; Singh, JK, AICHE JOURNAL 2010, 56, 842-848

Phonon wave-packet simulations of Ar/Kr interfaces for thermal rectification. Roberts, NA; Walker, DG, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2010, 108, 123515 View Abstract

Photon energy threshold for filling boron induced charge traps in SiO2 near the Si/SiO2 interface using second harmonic generation. Park, H; Xu, Y; Varga, K; Qi, JB; Feldman, LC; Lupke, G; Tolk, N, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2010, 97, 202105 View Abstract

Photonic crystal slab sensor with enhanced surface area. Kang, C; Phare, CT; Vlasov, YA; Assefa, S; Weiss, SM, OPTICS EXPRESS 2010, 18, 27930-27937 View Abstract

Photosystem I - Based biohybrid photoelectrochemical cells. Ciesielski, PN; Hijazi, FM; Scott, AM; Faulkner, CJ; Beard, L; Emmett, K; Rosenthal, SJ; Cliffel, D; Jennings, GK, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY 2010, 101, 3047-3053 View Abstract

Pico- to nano-second dynamics of water on mineral surfaces. Mamontov, E; Vlcek, L; Wesolowski, DJ; Cole, DR; Anovitz, LM; Wang, W; Cummings, PT, GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA 2010, 74, A662-A662

Plasmonic Response of Nanoscale Spirals. Ziegler, JI; Haglund, RF, NANO LETTERS 2010, 10, 3013-3018 View Abstract

Poly(ethylene glycol) as a sensitive regulator of cell survival fate on polymeric biomaterials: the interplay of cell adhesion and pro-oxidant signaling mechanisms. Sung, HJ; Luk, A; Murthy, NS; Liu, E; Jois, M; Joy, A; Bushman, J; Moghe, PV; Kohn J, SOFT MATTER 2010, 6, 5196-5205 View Abstract

Population-Based Incidence of Human Metapneumovirus Infection among Hospitalized Children. Williams, JV; Edwards, KM; Weinberg, GA; Griffin, MR; Hall, CB; Zhu, YW; Szilagyi, PG; Wang, CYK; Yang, CF; Silva, D; Ye, D; Spaete, RR; Crowe, JE, JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2010, 201, 1890-1898 View Abstract

Porous silicon structures for low-cost diffraction-based biosensing. Ryckman, JD; Liscidini, M; Sipe, JE; Weiss, SM, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2010, 96, 171103 View Abstract

Predicting the phase behavior of polymer systems with the GC-SAFT-VR approach. Peng, Y; Goff, KD; dos Ramos, MC; McCabe, C, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2010, 49, 1378-1394 View Abstract

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