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Swartz, Joshua
Ph.D. in Chemistry, December 2011

Research Information

Ph.D. Thesis
From Diatoms to Malaria: Synthesis and Application of Functional Materials

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor
David Wright

Ph.D. Committee
Brian Bachmann
David Cliffel
Frederick Haselton


Selected Publications

Bottom-Up Synthesis of Biologically Active Multilayer Films Using Inkjet-Printed Templates. Swartz, JD; Deravi, LF; Wright, DW, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 20, 1488-1492 , (2010)

Rapid production of nitrilase containing silica nanoparticles offers an effective and reusable biocatalyst for synthetic nitrile hydrolysis. Swartz, JD; Miller, SA; Wright, DW, ORGANIC PROCESS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, 13, 584-589 , (2009)

Vanderbilt University