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Appavoo, Kannatassen
Interdisciplinary Materials Science

Research Information

Ph.D. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Materials Science


Research Area

My research involves the design, fabrication and characterization of plasmonic nanostructures that can be actively modulated using a class of material that can phase-transform on an ultrafast time scale. Elucidating the complex dynamics of such hybrid structures both at nanometer length scales and on femtosecond (1x10-15 seconds) time scales will lead to the ultrafast control of nanophotonic systems and fabrication of sub-wavelength components such as optical modulators and autocatalytic nanosensors.

Dr. Richard Haglund (Physics) & Jason Valentine (Mechanical Engineering)


Selected Publications

Detecting Nanoscale Size Dependence in VO2 Phase Transition Using a Split-Ring Resonator Metamaterial. Appavoo, K; Haglund, RF, NANO LETTERS, 11, 1025-1031 , (2011)

Single-particle plasmon resonance spectroscopy of phase transition in vanadium dioxide. Lei, DY; Appavoo, K; Sonnefraud, Y; Haglund, RF; Maier, SA, OPTICS LETTERS, 35, 3988-3990 , (2010)


Vanderbilt University