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Adkins, Chinessa
Ph.D. in Chemistry, December 2009

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemistry, December 2009


Ph.D. Dissertation
Synthesis and Development of Three-Dimensional Nanoscopic Architectures as Bimodal Imaging Agents

Ph.D. Advisor
Eva Harth

Ph.D. Committee
Christine Collins
Timothy Hanusa
David Wright


Selected Publications

Nanoparticles with Individual Site-Isolated Semiconducting Polymers from Intramolecular Chain Collapse Processes. Adkins, CT; Muchalski, H; Harth, E, MACROMOLECULES, 42, 5786-5792 , (2009)

Controlled electrophoretic deposition of uniquely nanostructured star polymer films. Somarajan, S; Hasan, SA; Adkins, CT; Harth, E; Dickerson, JH, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 112, 23-28 , (2008)

Synthesis of star polymer architectures with site-isolated chromophore cores. Adkins, CT; Harth, E, MACROMOLECULES, 41, 3472-3480 , (2008)

Effective drug therapies from functional, macromolecular building blocks with a biomimetic design. Huang, K; Croce, TA; Hamilton, SK; Adkins, CT; Evans BL; Harth, E, MACRMOL SYMP, 255, 20-23 , (2007)

Approaches in the development of 3-D nanoscopic, multifunctional vectors. Croce, TA; Muchalski, H; Adkins, CT; Huang, K; Hamilton, SK; van der Ende, A; Harth, E, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 231, , (2006)

Strategies and synthesis of suitable precursors for the construction of 3-D bioactive scaffolds. Croce, TA; Funk, M; Adkins, CT; Harth, E, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 230, U3664-U3665 , (2005)

Vanderbilt University