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Glover, Thomas
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 2008

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 2008


Ph.D. Dissertation
Novel Adsorbent Synthesis, Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials, and Adsorption System Optimization

Ph.D. Advisor
Douglas LeVan, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. Committee
Kenneth Debelak
Scott Guelcher
Kane Jennings
Eugene LeBoeuf


Selected Publications

Carbon-silica composite adsorbent: Sensitivity to synthesis conditions. Glover, TG; LeVan, MD, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 118, 21-27 , (2009)

Carbon-silica composite adsorbent: Characterization and adsorption of light gases. Glover, TG; Dunne, KI; Davis, RJ; Levan, MD, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 111, 1-11 , (2008)

Diffusion of Condensable Vapors in Single Adsorbent Particles Measured via Concentration-Swing Frequency Response. Glover, TG; Wang, Y; Levan, MD, LANGMUIR, 24, 13406-13413 , (2008)

Sensitivity analysis of adsorption bed behavior: Examination of pulse inputs and layered-bed optimization. Glover, TG; LeVan, MD, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 63, 2086-2098 , (2008)

Vanderbilt University