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Holmes, Kevin
Ph.D. in Materials Science, December 2002

Research Information

Ph.D. in Materials Science, December 2002


Ph.D. Dissertation
Piezoresistive Micro-Electro-Mechanical Applications in Diamond Films

Ph.D. Advisor
Jim Davidson, Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Committee
Timothy Fischer, Mechanical Engineering
Weng Kang, Electrical Engineering
Alvin Strauss, Mechanical Engineering
Norman Tolk, Physics


Selected Publications

Diamond vacuum field emission devices. Kang, WP; Davidson, JL; Wisitsora-At, A; Wong, YM; Takalkar, R; Holmes, K; Kerns, DV, DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS, 13, 1944-1948 , (2004)

Using surface charge analysis to characterize the radiation response of Si/SiO2 structures. Stacey, JW; Schrimpf, RD; Fleetwood, DM; Holmes, KC, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 51, 3686-3691 , (2004)

Vanderbilt University