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Erwin, Mary
Ph.D. in Chemistry, May 2005

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemistry, May 2005


Ph.D. Dissertation
Synthesis, Characterization and Design of a Nanocrystal Based Photovoltaic Device

Ph.D. Advisor
Sandra Rosenthal, Chemistry

Committee Members
David Cliffel, Chemistry
Leonard Feldman, Physics
Kane Jennings, Chemical Engineering
Ned Porter, Chemistry


Selected Publications

Effects of impurities on the optical properties of poly-3-hexylthiophene thin films. Erwin, MM; McBride, J; Kadavanich, AV; Rosenthal, SJ, THIN SOLID FILMS, 409, 198-205 , (2002)

Material characterization of a nanocrystal based photovoltaic device. Erwin, MM; Kadavanich, AV; McBride, J; Kippeny, T; Pennycook, S; Rosenthal, SJ, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL D, 16, 275-277 , (2001)

Sublattice resolution structural and chemical analysis of individual CdSe nanocrystals using atomic number contrast scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy. Kadavanich, AV; Kippeny, TC; Erwin, MM; Pennycook, SJ; Rosenthal, SJ, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 105, 361-369 , (2001)

Vanderbilt University