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Al-Sharab, Jafar
Ph.D. in Materials Science, May 2003

Research Information

Ph.D. in Materials Science, May 2003


Ph.D. Dissertation
The Effect of Alloying and Process Conditions on the Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of CoCr (PtTa) Longitudinal Recording Media

Ph.D. Advisor
James Wittig, Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Committee
Robert Bayuzick
Bridget Rogers
Glenn Webb
James Bentley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Selected Publications

Magnetic energy distribution in polycrystalline sputtered CoCr magnetic thin films. Al-Sharab, JF; Wittig, JE; Bertero, G; Yamashita, T; Bentley, J; Evans, ND, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL-APPLIED PHYSICS, 42, 125-128 , (2008)

Influence of microstructure on the chemical inhomogeneities in nanostructured longitudinal magnetic recording media. Wittig, JE; Al-Sharab, JF; Doerner, M; Bian, XP; Bentley, J; Evans, ND, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 48, 943-948 , (2003)

Exchange coupling in FeTaN/IrMn/FeTaN and NiFe/IrMn/NiFe trilayer films. Jung, HS; Doyle, WD; Fujiwara, H; Wittig, JE; Al-Sharab, JF; Bentley, J; Evans, ND, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 91, 6899-6901 , (2002)

Elemental imaging of CoCrTa longitudinal magnetic recording media. Wittig, JE; Bentley, J; Fai-Sharab, J; Evans, ND, ELECTRON MICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS 2001, , 429-432 , (2001)

Vanderbilt University