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Li, Jiang
Ph.D. in Chemistry, August 2006

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemistry, August 2006


Ph.D. Dissertation
Studies on Graphitic Carbon Nanofibers: Towards Electronic, Mechanical and Biological Applications

Ph.D. Advisor
Charles Lukehart, Chemistry

Ph.D. Committee
Timothy Hanusa, Chemistry
Kane Jennings, Chemical Engineering
David Wright, Chemistry


Selected Publications

Carbon nanofibers "Spot-Welded" to carbon felt: A mechanically stable, bulk mimic of lotus leaves. Li, J; Sambandam, S; Lu, WJ; Lukehart, CM, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 20, 420-+ , (2008)

Graphitic carbon nanofiber-poly(acrylate) polymer brushes as gas sensors. Li, L; Li, J; Lukehart, CM, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 130, 783-788 , (2008)

Carbon nanofibers "Spot-Welded" to carbon paper by carbothermal reduction: A Nano/Micron-Scale hierarchical architecture having low contact resistance. Li, J; Steigerwalt, ES; Sambandam, S; Lu, W; Lukehart, CM, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 19, 6001-6006 , (2007)

Properties of a reactive-graphitic-carbon-nanofibers-reinforced epoxy. Zhamu, A; Hou, YP; Zhong, WH; Stone, JJ; Li, J; Lukehart, CM, POLYMER COMPOSITES, 28, 605-611 , (2007)

Synthesis and thermionic emission properties of graphitic carbon nanofibres supported on Si wafers or carbon felt. Li, J; Robinson, VS; Liu, Y; Lu, WJ; Fisher, TS; Lukehart, CM, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18, 325606 , (2007)

Graphitic carbon nanofiber hybrid materials: Nanocomposites and intercalates. Lukehart, CM; Li, JA; Li, L; Michel, JA; Zhong, WH, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 231, , (2006)

Enhanced mechanical robustness and chemical resistance of GCNF/SiC/carbon felt nanocomposites as field-emission materials. Li, J; Lu, WJ; Robinson, VS; Fisher, TS; Lukehart, CML, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 229, U914-U914 , (2005)

Surface functionalization and characterization of graphitic carbon nanofibers (GCNFs). Li, J; Vergne, MJ; Mowles, ED; Zhong, WH; Hercules, DM; Lukehart, CM, CARBON, 43, 2883-2893 , (2005)

Formation of graphitic carbon nanofiber (GCNF)/silica gel composites using surface-functionalized GCNFs and sol-gel processing. Li, J; Lukehart, CM, COMPOSITE INTERFACES, 11, 525-535 , (2004)

Graphitic carbon nanofiber (GCNF) polymer materials. I. GCNF epoxy monoliths using hexanediamine linker molecules. Zhong, WH; Li, J; Xu, LYR; Michel, JA; Sullivan, LM; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, 4, 794-802 , (2004)

Mechanical property characterization of a polymeric nanocomposite reinforced by graphitic nanofibers with reactive linkers. Xu, LR; Bhamidipati, V; Zhong, WH; Li, J; Lukehart, CM; Lara-Curzio, E; Liu, KC; Lance, MJ, JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS, 38, 1563-1582 , (2004)

Surface attachment of bifunctional molecules to graphitic carbon nanofibers for GCNF/silica gel composites via sol-gel processing.. Li, J; Lukehart, CM, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 228, U806-U806 , (2004)

Surface functionalization of graphitic carbon nanofibers toward GCNF/polymer composites.. Li, J; Vergne, MJ; Zhong, WH; Hercules, DM; Xu, LR; Lukehart, CM, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 227, U1302-U1302 , (2004)

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