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Wei, Xing
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, May 2012

Research Information

Dissertation Title
Porous Silicon Waveguide Biosensors with a Grating Coupler

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor
Sharon Weiss

Ph.D. Committee
Bharat Bhuva
Deyu Li
Ronald Schrimpf
Yaqiong Xu


Selected Publications

Gratings on purous silicon structures for sensing applications. Liscidini, M; Wei, X; Kang, C; Rong, G; Retterer, S; Patrini, M; Sipe, JE; Weiss, SM, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/International Quantum Electronics Conference, OSA Technical Digest, Optical Society of America, , , (2009)

Porous silicon waveguide with integrated grating coupler for DNA sensing. Wei, X; Kang, C; Rong, G; Retterer, ST; Weiss, SM, PROCEEDINGS - SPIE, 7167, 71670C , (2009)

Grating couplers on porous silicon planar waveguides for sensing applications. Wei, X; Kang, C; Liscidini, M; Rong, G; Retterer, ST; Patrini, M; Sipe, JE; Weiss, SM, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 104, 123113 , (2008)

Vanderbilt University