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Somarajan, Suseela
Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy, December 2010

Research Information

Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy, December 2010


Ph.D. Dissertation
Lanthanide Nanocrystals: A Platform for the Study of Optics and Magnetism in Nanomaterials

Ph.D. Committee
James H. Dickerson
Eva Harth
Bridget Rogers
Norman Tolk
Kalman Varga


Selected Publications

Superantiferromagnetic EuTe nanoparticles: room temperature colloidal synthesis, structural characterization, and magnetic properties. He, WD; Somarajan, S; Koktysh, DS; Dickerson, JH, NANOSCALE, 3, 184-187 , (2011)

Template assisted synthesis of europium sulfide nanotubes. Harrison, MA; Somarajan, S; Mahajan, SV; Koktysh, DS; van Benthem, K; Dickerson, JH, MATERIALS LETTERS, 65, 420-423 , (2011)

EuS nanocrystals: a novel synthesis for the generation of monodisperse nanocrystals with size-dependent optical properties. Koktysh, DS; Somarajan, S; He, W; Harrison, MA; McGill, SA; Dickerson, JH, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 21, 415601 , (2010)

Characterization of EuS Nanotubes in Wuantum Confinement. Thron, AM; Bonifacio, CS; Erdman, N; Harrison, MA, Somarajan, S; Dickerson, JH; van Benthem, K, MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS, 15, 1178 , (2009)

Controlled electrophoretic deposition of uniquely nanostructured star polymer films. Somarajan, S; Hasan, SA; Adkins, CT; Harth, E; Dickerson, JH, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 112, 23-28 , (2008)

Vanderbilt University