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Redmill, Patrick
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, December 2008

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, December 2008


Ph.D. Dissertation
Probing Biologically Relevant Solubility Parameters for Selected Nanoscale Building Blocks using Molecular Dynamics

Ph.D. Advisor
Peter Cummings, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. Committee
Scott Guelcher, Chemical Engineering
Eugene LeBouef, Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Douglas LeVan, Chemical Engineering
Clare McCabe, Chemical Engineering

Selected Publications

Molecular Dynamics Study of the Behavior of Selected Nanoscale Building Blocks in a Gel-Phase Lipid Bilayer. Redmill, PS; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 114, 9165-9172 , (2010)

A molecular dynamics study of the Gibbs free energy of solvation of fullerene particles in octanol and water. Redmill, PS; Capps, SL; Cummings, PT; McCabe, C, CARBON, 47, 2865-2874 , (2009)

Vanderbilt University