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Pu, Qing
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 2008

Research Information

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 2008


Ph.D. Dissertation
Molecular Simulations on the Elongation Dynamics of Gold Nanowires in Vacuum and in Solvents

Ph.D. Advisor
Peter Cummings, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. Committee
Kenneth Debelak, Chemical Engineering
Kane Jennings, Chemical Engineering
Clare McCabe, Chemical Engineering
Ronald Schrimpf, Electrical Engineering


Selected Publications

Rate-Dependent Energy Release Mechanism of Gold Nanowires under Elongation. Pu, Q; Leng, YS; Cummings, PT, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 130, 17907-17912 , (2008)

Molecular dynamics simulations of stretched gold nanowires: The relative utility of different semiempirical potentials. Pu, Q; Leng, YS; Tsetseris, L; Park, HS; Pantelides, ST; Cummings, PT, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 126, 144707 , (2007)

Molecular simulations of stretching gold nanowires in solvents. Pu, Q; Leng, YS; Zhao, XC; Cummings, PT, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18, 424007 , (2007)

Vanderbilt University